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December 15, 2011

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Caution: Liberal Group Releasing Juiced Poll Numbers In State

Poll Artificially Reduces Republican Voters By Almost 10%

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - The Democratic polling organization — Public Policy Polling — which polls for the liberal website Daily Kos, has begun releasing general election poll numbers in New Mexico on the US Senate race. This is not a credible polling firm, but rather a liberal group that has been exposed this year as a "wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party" for using their polls to shape public opinion, rather than measure it.

In 2011, PPP was caught changing the composition of their polls to produce results more favorable to the Democrat candidates and their interests in numerous states.

For instance, when polling on the union battle in Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker, PPP doubled the number of union households in a Wisconsin survey and then released numbers showing Governor Walker losing the battle to unions:

David Cantanese of Politico reported how PPP's use of a 13-point Democratic advantage in their sample caused a huge (artificial) Democratic swing in a Michigan Senate poll. That shift represented a 16 point move from PPP's own poll the year before:

Now, PPP has released a poll in New Mexico in which Republicans only make up 29% of the sample. This does not reflect actual voter registration in the state and is a stunning 9 points less than PPP's own poll of the state in 2010, in which Republicans comprised 38% of the survey sample.  

"There is no explanation for reducing the GOP in the survey, except that this is a shameless attempt to cook the books for the Democrats," said Republican Party of New Mexico executive director Bryan Watkins.


PPP Was Founded To Be A “Liberal Counterweight” By A “Proud Democrat”:
PPP’s Founder, Dean Debnam, Calls Himself A Proud Democrat. “Well, according to founder Dean Debnam, the whole operation began largely out of spite. … Debnam, a proud Democrat whose wife was active in education advocacy and ran for mayor of Raleigh in 1999, fretted that the questions were slanted to produce more right-leaning results. ‘They were putting out polls to push their agenda," he said. "I was fed up with reading basically BS in the local paper as if it was fact.’” (Benjy Sarlin, “How PPP Became The ‘It’ Democratic Pollster,” Talking Points Memo, 8/22/11)
Debnam Founded PPP To Be A Liberal Counterweight. “John Hood, president of the conservative John Locke Foundation that Debnam credited with inspiring him to found his liberal counterweight, told TPM he took the origin story in stride.” (Benjy Sarlin, “How PPP Became The ‘It’ Democratic Pollster,” Talking Points Memo, 8/22/11)

Debnam Has Donated At Least $9,750 To Democrats Or Democratic Committees. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 12/13/11)
The Liberal Blog Daily Kos Is PPP’s Largest Client:
In 2010, PPP Partnered With The Liberal Daily Kos – Now Its Largest Client. “In 2010, PPP raised its profile further by teaming up with Daily Kos, which sponsors many of PPP's horse race polls and is now its largest client.” (Benjy Sarlin, “How PPP Became The ‘It’ Democratic Pollster,” Talking Points Memo, 8/22/11)
PPP Counts Democratic Candidates And Interest Groups As Clients. “Public Policy Polling, an automated interview polling company based in North Carolina, has conducted almost 60 percent of all public polls measuring hypothetical 2012 Senate matchups up to this point in the cycle. The firm counts Democratic candidates and interest groups as clients, but the majority of PPP’s Senate polls this year were conducted on the firm’s dime as a marketing strategy.”(Nathan L. Gonzales, “Democratic PPP Polls Flood Early Senate Landscape,” Roll Call, 6/29/11)
PPP Is Widely Acknowledged To Be A “Liberal-Leaning” Or “Democratic-Leaning” Firm:

The Hill Called PPP “A Liberal-Leaning Firm.” “In releasing its polls publicly, it joins efforts that have recently taken off, including those of the liberal blog Daily Kos, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Public Policy Polling (PPP), a liberal-leaning firm that conducts its own surveys.” (Aaron Blake, “Liberal Groups Stir The Pot With Independent Polling,” The Hill, 1/19/10)

In April 2011, Politico’s Ben Smith Said One PPP Survey Had “More To Do With Feeding The Liberal Echo Chamber Than Explaining An Election.” This PPP survey has more to do with feeding the liberal echo chamber than explaining an election …  Who seriously thinks Republican primary voters spend much time thinking about whether birth certificate views disqualify a candidate, much less are going to vote on those purported views. It's really a great example of the deep irrelevance of most early polling.” (Ben Smith, “Foolish Poll Finding Of The Day,” Politico, 4/15/11)

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