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    In PROP’s continuing efforts to expose the injustice, waste, and bias of the NYPD’s current “broken windows” tactics, we recently released statistics comparing NYPD felony and misdemeanor arrests for the first six months of this year and last year. We found that:

  • NYPD arrests practices under de Blasio / Bratton maintain the Bloomberg / Kelly emphasis.

  • Petty charges against people of color remain the dubious norm.


Here are some numbers culled from the January through June statistics prepared by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services and sent to PROP in recent days (Also available are graphics prepared by PROP illustrating those statistics.):

  • Total misdemeanor arrests for New York City in 2013: 117,104; in 2014: 117,336

  • Percentage of persons charged with misdemeanors who are people of color: 87.0% in 2013; in 2014: 86.1%

  • Percentage of people charged with felonies who are black: 50.3% in 2013; in 2014: 50.8%

  • Percentage of misdemeanor marijuana arrests involving people of color in 2013: 89.5%; in 2014: 89.6%

  • Percentage of misdemeanor trespass arrests involving people of color in 2013: 89.5% ; in 2014: 89.3%


As PROP’s accompanying press release stated:

“These arrest numbers show that racially skewed ‘broken windows’ policing is all too alive and well in New York City. Unfortunately for our city, these practices continue not only to inflict harm on, but also to fuel anger and resentment in, low-income communities of color.”


Upcoming PROP Activities:


Next PROP Meeting:


Our city-wide coalition, New Yorkers for Police Reform, will convene on Wednesday, September 10th from 6-8PM at 307 West 36th Street on the 12th floor. Open to all interested persons, these meetings generally attract a diverse group of New Yorkers - all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, communities, and constituencies represented. At this session we will discuss and decide upon steps for carrying out plans for: PROP’s on-going court monitoring initiative, our September 21st Petition Day and Campus Action Network’s fall outreach campaign.


PROP Outreach Petition Day:


On Sunday, September 21st, from 1 to 5PM, PROP volunteers will travel to different locations in the city to carry out our ongoing petition drive. This effort will add to the 17,000 signatures already gathered to show policymakers and the press that the support for sweeping NYPD reforms is diverse and widespread. People interested in participating in this activity should contact Bob at 917-327-7648 or 212-519-3532 or



Also, people wishing to serve the social and racial justice cause should know that PROP has openings this fall for dedicated interns and volunteers. If you are interested or know someone who is, please feel free to contact either Ashley at or Bob at


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