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Cannabis-Savvy Vet Makes Things Simple

We love hearing from Pet Parents! The Veterinary Cannabis Society is not only committed to ensuring that veterinarians, paraprofessionals, and veterinary students have access to the information and resources they need to help their patients, but also, the pet parents they are advising.

Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting with one of our pet parent families. They were thrilled to share how cannabis has had a positive impact on the health and well-being of their beloved pets.

Here are some highlights from our chat with Susan and Joel.

Tell us a little bit about your Pet Family!
Ella, our golden retriever (Doggy Ellie to our grandson!) is 14 and Henry, our goldendoodle, is 18 months. In Dec 2020 we lost our sweet Joey (Jojo), a most delicious chocolate lab. We miss him every day.

When did you first start considering cannabis as a treatment for your pets? 
Several years ago, our longtime vet, recommended CBD for Ellie to help with intense anxiety around the July 4th  fireworks.  After Ellie’s first dose, huge difference! Despite loud booms, Ellie was calm, happy and her usual jubilant self instead of shaking, nervous, trying to get out of the windows, climbing on our laps and continuous panting.

How did you learn more about it?
We trusted our vet since he had been seeing our pets for many years. I probably also did some online research, but don’t recall specifics since this was years ago!

How has it helped in the care of your pets? Is it used as a replacement or supplement to "traditional" medical treatment?
For both Ella and Joey, cannabis was used as a supplement to traditional treatment. Cannabis most successfully treated Ellie’s anxiety, without any side effects whatsoever. She then began cannabis regularly for appetite enhancement and for arthritic pain in her hind legs.  After the cancer diagnosis in her mouth several months ago, we adjusted the custom formula, and it has helped Ella tremendously. Thankfully, her cancer is in remission, but we continue her happy drops 2X/day!

Joey began his dosage after being diagnosed with nose cancer that later spread to his eye. Throughout his treatments, cannabis greatly helped ease his pain and discomfort. Until his last couple days, Joey remained alert, sweet, happy, and pain-free thanks to cannabis.

What has your experience been with veterinarians in the treatment of your pets?
Our wonderful team of expert, caring vets has resoundingly supported cannabis for a variety of symptoms. These doctors all support cannabis either used alone or in conjunction with other eastern/western treatments.

What are your hopes for the future use of cannabis in the treatment of pets? What would have made your journey more simple or easy?
We hope that all vets will recommend cannabis to their patients, that all pet insurance companies will cover cannabis (ours does), and that pet parents understand the difference between off-the-shelf cannabis and individualized, specially formulated cannabis medicine. Our journey was quite simple because we learned directly from our cannabis-savvy veterinarian.

Where do you find information now about cannabis for pets? Do you continue to seek out more information and look for updated news on the science and/or use of cannabis?
The VCS website! My daughter, Helena, just joined VCS too:))

Jojo and Ella enjoying a summer day!

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With the goal of helping patients feel better with hemp therapy, and with a focus on the human-animal bond, Canna Companion is a leader in providing clean, third-party tested products. Veterinarians and Canna Companion founders Susan Brandon and Greg Copas have spent decades reviewing literature, collecting data from the treatment of their personal pets, while remaining diligent in learning more about the therapies and responses. Partnering with Lisa Anderson (now co-owner of Canna Companion), they became her medical marijuana grower, allowing them to take advantage of tested, high-CBD marijuana that they could administer in known quantities to their pets and patients. The company is not only progressive in its commitment to treating pets, but also in respect to human resources: they provide employees with living wages, PTO, 36-hour full time work weeks and open discussions regarding gender and pronoun preferences. These practices allowed them to receive the NASC Seal earlier this year and be accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition. Keep an eye out for their new product lineup: oils for cats and small-mediums dots and capsules with specific profiles.

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