Let the learning begin

    Summer school is super cool

A new month, a new set of fabulous learning (ok, eating and drinking) opportunities.
As always, you should show up at 6 p.m. to get yer drank on/mix and mingle. Class will begin promptly at 6:30 more or less. Folks love them some cheese school so you'd best make the phone call to reserve your spot now: 515.528.8181.

July 11: Bastille Day TCS style (yeah, yeah, it's a coupla days early), $45
It's Frenchified wines with Best Case Wines' Robert Morey, who will be returning from France, and jumping off the plane (after opening the overhead bin carefully as contents may have shifted) and beating feet directly to TCS with his newest French wine-flavored beverages

July 18: Cheese 101, $35
Learn all about the seven styles of cheese — fresh, bloomy, washed-rind, semi-soft, semi-firm, hard, and blue — and demystify the cheese counter. Two glasses of wine are also included in the class. 

July 25: Cheddar school, $50
Gordon Edgar, cheese savant and cheese-centric author will be here to regale the class with tales of cheddar. We'll eat cheddar, talk cheddar, and do all the cheddar things. You can even buy his book, which is called...wait for it...Cheddar.

Peace, love, the learning never ends, and cheese,
C.J., Kari, Sol and the whole TCS crew
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