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March 2015

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Welcome to our monthly newsletter with all the latest issues surrounding your business and your personal wealth.  This edition focusses on issues to be considered before the end of the tax year and things to look forward to next year.

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Mar 2015

Auto Enrolment -
doing nothing is not an option!

Pam Atkinson, specialist in Auto Enrolment (AE) scheme set ups, talks to us about making sense of Auto Enrolment.  She discusses the main areas that employers are misunderstanding and identifies some of the AE categories that a business can fall into.

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Meet Liz

Liz Elliott is head of our tax team and if she can't find you tax saving opportunities then no one can! 

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Auto enrolment

There is a reason The Pensions Regulator is urging companies to seek professional advice.  The options are varied, the consequences of making a bad decision are costly and then time involved in getting to a decision alone is immense.
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