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Winter Retreat Teacher Spotlight

We are so excited to revamp the Winter Retreat and offer more full artistic development classes, in addition to songwriting. This is the place to go, to grow mentally, artistically, personally, spiritually and developmentally. We are bringing in current industry leaders and teachers, to show you how to expand as an artist. Learn new branding techniques, writing skills, motivational triggers and new avenues of revenue, like with Kari Kimmel. Kari will be offering you an eye opening class into the world of song placement. There are so many ways your songs can become profitable and make traction without ever even being on the radio!  

A Message From Kari Kimmel 

I have seen many sides of the music industry. I started out with 2 major record deals, a major publishing deal and big industry managers and lawyers. And while those experiences were amazing and I learned a lot, I have had more success being in control of my own music than I ever did before. Over the past 4-5 years, my songs have been in over 250 film and TV shows, promos and trailers. I have placed about 75% of them direct, without a placement company. In 2013, I started my own music placement company and have already placed many artists and bands in films and shows. There are a lot of things that go into placing songs in a film or TV show. My class will be covering many of those aspects:


  • What to keep in mind lyrically and production-wise when writing songs for film/ tv
  • How to research films and tv shows
  • Figuring out which, if any, of your songs are right for specific shows 
  • Getting your music into the right hands, so your songs can be considered for that film or tv show
  • Understanding how music placement companies work
  • Understanding terms and deal points when licensing a song
  • Understanding "work for hire's"  and knowing when they might be a good- or bad- idea


My class will be covering all of these topics and more. I look forward to meeting you all! ~ Kari Kimmel 

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