May Updates & Online Training
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Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program
Persistence & Doing the Right Thing = Success

We trust this message finds you and those you care about healthy and safe.

With Siskiyou County reopening, we share updates with regards to the MSMAP studio and activities. We also share why we’re making the decisions we are at this time. In addition, we offer several online training options for taekwondo, yongmudo, mothers/daughters, and fathers/sons.

Stay well!

Your Health & Safety

MSMAP’s top priority continues to be your health and safety. Just like the physical and emotional skills we learn on the mat, dealing with COVID-19 effectively is another form of self-defense. And, like other forms of self-defense, our actions and decisions related to COVID-19 affect others for better or worse.

In this strange reality, effective self-defense is all about physical disengagement rather than the physical, mental, and emotional engagement we normally focus upon. Given the very low numbers of confirmed positive, active — and recovered — COVID-19 cases in Siskiyou County as of this newsletter (1 new, active case as of May 18; 5 recovered cases; 1246 negatives tests per Siskiyou County Public Health), our collective community-wide self-defense plan against the novel coronavirus is working to slow/stop the spread.

The MSMAP Board of Directors and black belt instructors are closely monitoring state and county reopening plans along with relaxing Stay-At-Home orders. We continue to discuss and act upon our own plans for offering safe, worthwhile activities (see below). And, even more, we continue to consult with our medical advisors to ensure that any activities we offer maintain your health and safety.

Studio Update

The MSMAP studio remains closed in May.

As much as we all may wish it to be so, “reopening” the county doesn’t mean we get back to our normal routines. There is still a very real danger to our personal and community well-being, and everyone absolutely must be attentive to all safety guidelines. For right now, it just isn’t safe enough to open the doors, get together in the studio and train on the mat.

Siskiyou County released a public statement a week ago on May 14 about the “Extended Stage 2 (Phase 2)” information and guidelines (see link below). This press release follows-up on Siskiyou County’s Reopening Plan finalized on May 6 (see link below). Pertinent to MSMAP, gyms are ordered to remain closed in Phase 2. Gyms may reopen in Phase 3 but must follow specific safety guidelines.

Three important guidelines in Phase 2 that we can certainly expect in Phase 3 include:

  • Proper social distancing with 6 feet of space between one another in public, unless in same household.
  • No gatherings where proper social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Facial covering recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Although not a gym in the traditional sense, these three conditions are particularly relevant to MSMAP. For anyone that has participated in or watched our martial arts activities will wonder how we could properly follow these guidelines as stated. It’s a challenge to keep people in their own lanes much less at least two feet apart — much less six feet apart — at all times. And, for anyone that has not trained while wearing a mask: it’s not fun.

We’ll keep you informed as the county moves forward entering Phase 3 of this reopening process.

• • • • •

Siskiyou County Statement: Extended Phase 2
Siskiyou County Reopening Plan

Just Reopen Already!

We get it: our community — like so many others around the country — is more than ready to reopen. This lifestyle of keeping physically separated is not fun. We sorely miss the face-to-face interactions with all our participants and families on the mat and in the studio.

To help inform our decisions, we ask ourselves a simple question:
Do we want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Three key points that answer this simple question and give us pause to reopening the doors and resuming activities inside the studio are described below.

The low numbers of positive, recovered cases over the past two months and a recent increase for testing within Siskiyou County is great news. However, COVID-19 still exists, is still dangerous, and could still spread in our community provided we do not follow proper safety guidelines as people get out and interact in greater numbers.

Our lack of immunity to COVID-19 has not changed. There is no vaccine against COVID-19. We remain as vulnerable today as when Gov. Newsom’s Stay-At-Home orders were issued on March 19. All it takes is one family, one person, one visitor from out of town who is positive (and doesn’t even know it) — and not following safety guidelines — to expose the entire community and things get very bad very fast.

Hacking — or even outright ignoring — safety guidelines such as social distancing, wearing facial protection, and more at best is highly questionable; at worst, it’s dangerously irresponsible. Balancing worthwhile training in the studio with responsible adherence to all safety guidelines will be a challenge for all of us. Martial arts training while taking shortcuts around the safety guidelines needlessly exposes everyone to unnecessary risks, and it creates a potential ground-zero for an outbreak of COVID-19. Compromising your health for a couple of hours training is just not worth it.

• • • • •

MSMAP is taking a cautious approach to reopening the studio in order to do our very best at protecting your health and safety.

In the meantime, we continue to have conversations with members of our Board, instructors, and parents about martial arts, COVID-19, and getting back on the mat. We are also communicating with several other experienced, high-ranking instructors from around the country (6 degree black belts and above with over 30 years experience in the martial arts) who are considering these same issues in their respective states.

We agree with our medical advisors that SOCIAL DISTANCING WORKS. Our numbers in Siskiyou County are low because we are doing a great job of keeping our germ pools separate from one another. The virus just doesn’t have the opportunity to spread through the community. This has ensured that a COVID-19 outbreak never started here. We are committed to MSMAP being part of that continued success.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on these and any other matters that you’d like to share.


Online Training Options

With all that out of the way, it’s time for the good stuff.

We’ve received a few requests for online training. Following are a variety of options for taekwondo, yongmudo, and more. CONTACT US — ASAP — to express your interest and connect to any/all of the workouts. All workouts require a computer, tablet, or phone with Zoom installed.

• • • • •

Jesse Angelini is generously offering to lead a once-per-week taekwondo workout covering various techniques, forms, stretching, and more. If you’re interested, send an email, text, or call today. A minimum number of participants is needed. Recommended for ages 8 and older. It’s taken awhile to finish this newsletter, so the timing isn’t ideal: Jesse can commit to these afternoon on Thursdays @ 1pm. Contact us ASAP to express your interest so we have an idea of numbers!


Geography is not an issue: PHILLY YONGMUDO / TEMPLE HAPKIDO has invited us to join them for their live ZOOM QUARANTINE WORKOUTS on Mondays and Wednesdays @ 3:30pm (6:30pm EDT) and Saturdays @ 9:30am (12:30pm EDT). Topics include throws, shadow boxing, groundwork drills, kicks, and sticks! Each training session lasts for about an hour.

Per to PY/TH: “For all workouts, you should have one pair light weights (1lb-3lb), one pair medium weights (5lb-15lb), some cleared out space, water bottle, and a small towel. The workouts are NOT cumulative; we don't expect anyone joining us to have any background knowledge and questions are encouraged.”

If you’re curious about what PY/TH have been doing or can’t join at the times listed, check out their growing library of video workouts on their YouTube channel:

Philly Yongmudo / Temple Hapkido YouTube Channel

Here’s something new: Peter Halt is offering a chance for other parents to train with their children: mothers/daughters and fathers/sons can work together on something he describes as “Defensive Wrestling”. Spend some time online with Dr. Halt and his kids learning some defensive wrestling skills. Email, text, or call to express your interest; the minimum number of participants is 6.


We continue to post instructional videos on our YouTube channel. We&rsqou;ll have more videos with more details on sidekick very soon! Keep up-to-date by subscribing to MSMAP’s Youtube Channel and liking us on Facebook:

MSMAP YouTube Channel

• • • • •

Again, CONTACT US via email or phone for more details on how to connect to the training sessions listed above.

PO BOX 1380