April Updates & Training Ideas
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Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program
Persistence & Doing the Right Thing = Success

We hope you, your family, and those your care most about are healthy and successfully managing a constructive schedule as you read this message.

We cover a few topics including the schedule (such as it is) and requests for online training sessions. Jump to the end of this message for some training ideas. And, like good martial arts training, this newsletter has plenty of repetition of important points.

Discipline & Persistence

Managing this enormously tough situation and the complete disruption of our daily lives in unprecedented ways is what martial arts training is all about: developing tools to manage the uncertainty of daily life with confidence and intelligence.

Success results from discipline and, as the quote above says, persistence. Having the discipline to “do the right thing” and stay at home is martial arts. Having the persistance to stay at home for “the long term” is martial arts. Sticking with it — day after day — to save lives is success.

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams announced on April 5 that “this is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives.” Applying discipline and being persistent during this incredibly stressful time can save lives: continue to stay home and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Be persistent. Maintain the discipline. Stay home. Save lives.

Studio Remains Closed

No surprise here: the MSMAP studio remains CLOSED and all studio activities are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding as we all work together to get through this extremely challenging time and CRUSH THE CURVE.

• • • • •

As of 4:30pm on April 6, there are four positive cases of COVID-19 in Siskiyou County as reported by the county public health office (119 total tests); 20 positive tests in Shasta County (466 total tests; three deaths); and 39 positive tests in Jackson County, OR (six hospitalizations).

With these numbers in Siskiyou and adjacent counties expected to increase dramatically over the next several weeks (and perhaps months), MSMAP continues to take the necessary steps to safeguard the health of our participants, families, and community-at-large in accordance with CDC guidelines and directives from federal, state, and local authorities:

We’re keeping the studio closed and encouraging everyone to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave to replenish medicine, food, and other essentials.

When Will MSMAP Reopen?

We do not have a reopen date for the studio to share with you at this time.

It is impossible to estimate when it will be safe to resume activities given the life-threatening nature of COVID-19. We can share that the studio remains closed in April with a high probability that the studio will remain closed into May (Some models suggest that the peak number of COVID-19-positive infections in California will occur in late-April to early-May).

With ongoing consultation with our medical advisors, MSMAP is prepared to err on the side of caution and *not* rush to re-open the studio and resume activities before it’s safe. We are taking a “Better-Safe-Than-Sorry” approach towards protecting all our participants, guests, and community.

Following the closure of school campus’ throughout California and Siskiyou County on April 1, it’s very clear: we are in for some long-term work in dealing with COVID-19.

We’ll keep you updated of any studio changes moving forward via email and Facebook and continue to take appropriate actions to protect all our studio guests and community. Given how rapidly and extensively COVID-19 spreads through families, groups, and cities, don’t be surprised if the studio remains closed beyond May.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to share various martial arts items that pique our interest — and more.

The numbers cited above show that the virus is here and in adjacent counties. Those numbers are expected to increase: be prepared with ample stocks of medications, food, books, and home projects.

We continue to act as if the coronavirus is everywhere. This means that we and take precautions when we shop for essentials, visit the gas station, and live our daily lives with face masks, gloves, washing hands, etc.

As disruptive and uncomfortable as the practices of SOCIAL DISTANCING, SHELTER AT HOME, and SELF-QUARANTINE are, they continue to be the ABSOLUTE BEST ACTIONS we can take RIGHT NOW to not infect — and not be infected by — other people. Although we’re not seeing the high numbers of positive COVID-19 numbers yet, if we continue to follow these practices, lives will be saved.

Maintain the discipline and be persistant in following these necessary practices in order to keep the stress off our hospitals, doctors, nurses, staff, equipment, and supplies and make all these resources available for the patients that will need critical attention.

Looking Ahead

During our collective studio hiatus, we’ve received requests for providing online instruction. We’re exploring a variety of options and will provide more details as they become available.

Please remember that our volunteer instructional staff continue to give time as family and jobs allow. We’re currently juggling and adjusting our professional and personal obligations. As time opens up, MSMAP instructors will offer opportunities to connect beyond email, phone, text, and Facebook.

We appreciate your patience. Dealing with COVID-19 is going to be a marathon not a sprint. It will take more time to get through this than any of us would like. MSMAP is developing a new training paradigm with a solid foundation for new connections and activities. It may seem a slow process, but it will be methodical and built to last for the long-term just like MSMAP itself. Stay tuned.

We understand that Zoom is the “Flavor-of-the-Month” at the moment and offers much in the way of easy-to-use, immediate video connectivity. However, MSMAP is not eager to sign-up for the Zoom fan club just yet.

However, after some research, we are not completely comfortable with Zoom’s very serious lapses that egregiously compromise users’ PRIVACY and SECURITY. Although Zoom is currently addressing these problems during concurrent heavy usage by businesses, schools, and individuals, MSMAP is not quite ready to ask our participants and families to accept these risks.

While Zoom works to significantly improve their privacy and security methodologies, MSMAP is also researching equipment and solutions other than Zoom for online training. Your privacy and security are important to MSMAP. Period. When MSMAP is ready for secure online training, we will let you know how to join the fun.

What Are We Doing?

When we’re asked, “What’re you doing right now?”, we have a few answers.

The short, boring answers are:

  • “Taking care of family.”
  • “Taking steps to manage for the long haul.”
  • “Jumping through hoops for clients — while it lasts.”
  • “Filing for unemployment.”
  • “Not cleaning up the house.”
  • “Wondering when all this is going to end and we can get back on the mat...?”

The longer, fun answers are:

  • “Taking a walk in the backyard woods for hours of isolated nature-time.”
  • “Playing Prodigy — and learning math — for hours.”
  • “Learning guitar.”
  • “Plank — and loving it!”
  • “Following the soothing painting instruction of Bob Ross.”
  • “Dribbling with the left hand and improving free throws.”
  • “Practicing with escrima sticks.”
  • “Refurbishing vintage computers.”
  • “Reviewing Shaw Brothers classic movies.”
  • “Taking Disney’s ‘Imagineering In A Box’ course and designing Indiana Jones Land.”

We are embracing the change by exploring new activities and adapting to some pretty creative schedules. Rather than battle against this tsunami of personal and professional disruption, we are navigating how to ride it out safely and in creative ways while still learning essential subjects and skills.

• • • • •

Aside from daily coronavirus updates and watching old-school Shaw Brothers classics, following are some items that piqued our interest:

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(Some mental and physical healing exercises)

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And, since the 2020 NCAA Wrestling Championships are canceled, here's the 2019 NCAA 197-lbs. Champion, Bo Nickal from Penn State (in fact, a 3x NCAA Champion), in an international match -- and having a tough time of it (read the comments on details for scoring):

USA v. Kazakhstan

NOTE: Nickal is a contender for TeamUSA at the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games next spring.

PO BOX 1380