June Updates & Online Training
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Mount Shasta Martial Arts Program
June Updates, Online Training & more

As this strange summer begins, we hope this message finds you and those you care about healthy and safe.

With the state giving a green light for more businesses to reopen, MSMAP is considering the best course of action to take in orer to protect the health of our community. Although this is another long newsletter, we share important details that we must responsibly consider in this COVID world especially with numbers of active cases increasing in our area — and around the country — in the last two weeks.

As other people consider these same matters, our transparency may be helpful for them to make solid decisions. Simply put: we prefer being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

We also continue to share several online training options. And, don’t forget about the JULY 4TH VIRTUAL RUN/WALK (your registration fee helps MSMAP!).

Thanks very much for your continued patience and support.

• • • Stay well! • • •

In this issue...


Your Health & Safety

MSMAP’s top priority continues to be your ongoing health and safety. In keeping with this priority, the MSMAP studio remains ••• CLOSED ••• while we explore the most responsible actions we can take to protect the health of our community.

We understand that there are varying opinions in our community concerning the threat level of COVID-19 to our collective and personal well-being. MSMAP considers COVID-19 as an easily transmitted, dangerous virus and is pursuing a methodical, thoughtful response based upon state guidelines, medical advice, and a very simple premise:

When communities open up, positive COVID-19 cases increase.

This is currently happening around the country (Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona); this is happening in California (Los Angeles and Kern County); and, whether we like it or not, this is happening in Siskiyou County based on reported numbers over the past two weeks. Although our total numbers may not seem very high when compared with some other communities, the numbers in Siskiyou, Shasta, and Jackson Counties are, nonetheless, slowly ticking upwards.

The numbers of reported confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 as of this newsletter on the morning of June 18 in Siskiyou and adjacent counties are listed below. Conveniently, the graph on Shasta Ready shows the spike of positive cases in Northern California counties currently happening:

Siskiyou County
- 9 active positive COVID-19 cases;
- 20 total confirmed positive cases since March;
- 2,722 total tests since March;
Source: Siskiyou County Public Health

Jackson County
- 20 positive active cases;
- 85 total positive cases since March;
- 9,593 total tests since March;
Source: Jackson County Health & Human Services

Shasta County
- 58 confirmed positive cases since March;
- 4 deaths since March;
- 7,790 total tests since March;
Source: Shasta Ready

Communities around the country are dealing with a first wave of COVID-19 cases; other communities are concerned about second waves due to opening up and mass gatherings; and, the Centers for Disease Control is warning of possible renewed lockdowns. While this is occurring, Siskiyou County has yet to deal with any wave at all.

Per our medical advisors, factors that contribute to increasing positive COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks include:

  • communities opening up;
  • people not wearing masks;
  • more people traveling up and down the state.

Our local numbers can dramatically increase with the visit of just one carload of asymptomatic COVID-19 tourists into our community.

Following safety guidelines — as uncomfortable or inconvenient as they may be — is critical to stopping the transmission of COVID-19; not following safety guidelines allows the virus to continue spreading.

We’ve heard questionable remarks such as, “We’re all going to get it anyway so following safety guidelines is a waste of time. Let’s all get it and get it over with!”

We find this and similar attempts at minimizing the hazard to individuals and the wider community dangerously irresponsible. These sentiments express a willingness to risk the health of others. More disturbingly, they rationalize a disregard for the overall well-being of our community particularly the most vulnerable individuals.

Our two-point response to this kind of specious statement is:

1) Too many people infected at one time is bad. Too many sick people will overwhelm our limited health care services and place our frontline health care workers at severe risk. The danger has not changed.

2) You don’t want this. COVID-19 infections are not pleasant and can be life threatening to yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, and complete strangers. Plus, adverse health effects can last a long while after an individual has “recovered”. COVID-19 may silently damage the lungs of even asymptomatic individuals. You. Do. Not. Want. This.

We continue to be patient and careful in our responses and our actions to do our part to protect the health of our community. This means adhering to recommended safety guidelines. We reiterate our previous statement: we are unwilling to risk your health and the overall health of our community for a few hours of fun on the mat. We appreciate your continued patience as we responsibly prepare for the longterm.


Safety Guidelines

The State of California detailed very specific industry safety guidelines on June 5 when it released the document, “COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Fitness Facilities”, from the Department of Public Health and the Department of Industrial Relations (CAL-OSHA).

“This document provides guidance for fitness facilities to support a safe, clean environment for workers.” It clearly spells out what MSMAP — and every fitness center or gym — must do to try to make a safe space. Ignoring these safety guidelines places all of us at risk.

This document is available online:


As expected, key prevention practices for fitness facilities include:

  • Strict physical distancing (6 feet apart, minimum)
  • Proper use of face coverings
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Lots more cleaning and disinfection

There are additional guidelines with regards to:

  • limiting the number of people in a facility at one time (to maintain strict physical distancing);
  • temperature and symptom screening at the door;
  • entry/exit procedures.

Properly following safety guidelines restrict many martial arts activities. Aside from limiting what people touch (i.e., don't share phones, etc.), the main point is simple: STAY APART FROM EACH OTHER.

It’s very clear: NO CONTACT means no fist bumps, chest bumps, hand slaps, handshakes, breathing on each other, sparring with each other, grabbing each other, throwing each other, wrestling with each other, etc.

Excerpts from this safety document emphasize no contact of any kind:

“Minimize touch points and guest interactions.”

“Staff and patrons should avoid shaking hands, bumping fists or elbows, and other physical contact. Staff should also avoid sharing tools, phones, electronics, and office supplies as much as possible and, where feasible, ensure staff have dedicated workstations for their personal use. Never share PPE.”

“Group exercise classes should only be offered if distancing requirements can be maintained and there is no person-to-person physical contact.”

An effective COVID-19 PREVENTION PLAN for MSMAP means that our volunteers will have a dramatically increased workload and far more responsibilities aside from the actual time on the mat. Think of it this way: one hour for you to be on the mat means that a volunteer spends two additional hours for disinfecting the facility before/after for a total of three hours. This is a significant commitment of time away from family and work.


Online Training

We continue to share online training options. Contact us if you would like additional information.

• • • • •

Jesse is offering Taekwondo Zoom training on Thursday afternoons.

- Ages 6 & under
12pm on Zoom

- Ages 7 & over
1pm on Zoom


Dr. Halt is offering this parent/child activity (mothers/daughters, fathers/sons) on Zoom. Instead of leaving your child in the other room, get on the floor with them. Minimum of six people (i.e., 3 moms, 3 daughters; 3 dads, 3 sons).


Our friends at Philly Yongmudo on the East Coast are giving us an open invitation to join their Zoom workouts. Send us an email to get the details.

“Philly YMD will keep meeting in virtual (you’re welcome to join) and sharing Yongmudo stay-at-home workout videos until it’s safe to play together! Here’s #26 with 56 minutes of strengthening your throwing/take-down game. Keep training, stay safe, and stay healthy!”

Philly Yongmudo / Temple Hapkido Throws

We continue to post instructional videos on our YouTube channel. We&rsqou;ll have more videos with more details on sidekick very soon! Keep up-to-date by subscribing to MSMAP’s Youtube Channel and liking us on Facebook:

MSMAP YouTube Channel

• • • • •

Again, CONTACT US via email or phone for more details on how to connect to the training sessions listed above.


July 4th Run/Walk

Mt. Shasta's annual JULY 4TH RACE/WALK is going virtual this year. Be a part of this new format.

Plus, Mountain Runners is excited to donate proceeds from the Run/Walk to some of Siskiyou County’s finest youth organizations and sports teams — including MSMAP! All these groups exemplify a spirit of community service, leadership, and teamwork.

Mountain Runners shares the stories of each group in their latest newsletter, 2020 YOUTH ORGANIZATION & SPORTS TEAM HIGHLIGHTS:

Mountain Runners Newsletter


Register for July  Virtual Run/Walk


  • Commemorative 4th of July Walk/Run t-shirt*
  • Downloadable certificate of completion
  • Drawing entry to win a Giant gravel bike and Yeti cooler grand prize package**
  • An app that will automatically upload your time to the event results page

*Registering after June 7 means that your t-shirt will arrive after July 4.

**Thanks to The Fifth Season and Ramshaw's Ace Hardware, respectively, for this fantastic grand prize package.

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