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The Hoks are Coming!

Here's a quick update for those of you that contacted us about the Hoks.
We have had some delays, perhaps inevitable but still frustrating.  I have recently returned from China, sorting out the last few wrinkles in our production and bringing the first skis back with me. The Hoks are looking great with the black base and the new skin material. We have also pressed the first 145cm length skis. I have the first few pairs with me here and will get on them in the next few days as there is enough snow to tour locally. 

We have had big delays in getting the skin material processed. This is now completed and after lots of tests (and repeatedly tearing skin material off of our trial skis, grrrr...) we have arrived at a clean and bomb proof way of laminating skin to ski. 

As to bindings, we have all our new 75mm in stock. We have added 3 heel inserts to the Hoks and figured out a way to do a no drill heel piece that should fit pretty much all boot sizes. The universal bindings have also arrived and are warehoused and waiting for packaging and shipping.   

Do to my China trip I have gotten a bit behind on the website, but am updating it now and the in season Buy page is up and working.

We are shipping a few skis now to the first preorder customers and should be shipping out all back orders by the end of this month. Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions regarding Altai Skis, the Hoks, etc.... Here's to a good winter and lots of snow!

Happy trails,   Nils 

Hoks fresh from the press




Building Skis


Laying up a test ski

Hok press setup

Silk screening topsheets

Tommy with the first of the 145s
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