Celebrating our 6 Year Anniversary we are offering a blowout sale!  50% off on all loop packs and combo packs.  New artists and content updates.  Read on and grab that coupon code for massive savings.

Happy Birthday VJLoops.tv

Celebrating 6 Years of business: VJLoops.tv is happy to have served fresh visuals for the last 6 years.  It was in July 2005 that we made our first sale to an Australian VJ named Dreamtek.  After that we haven't looked back since!  Thank you to everyone for the years of support and friendship.  On that note we are having a massive blowout sale.  50% off until August 15th 2011.  So don't wait and take advantage of some amazing savings and own some high quality royalty free stock footage from our global database of motion graphics, animators and videographers.

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What better way to celebrate: As a token of our deep appreciation to our customers we would like to extend our gratitude to our clientel with an incredible sale this month.  50% off on all orders until 15th August 2011.  Hurry offer ends in 10 days!
Sonic Cinema SD Collection

New Artist

Sonic Cinema: As a DJ his career started at the age of 14.  Ten years later, he began experimenting by adding video to his mixes.  Combining sights and sounds, he sought to entertain his audience's eyes and ears simultaneously and he did just that.  Now he shares his content with masses.  

New Artist

Kyle Lyons: One of the original co-founders of VJLoops.tv and the driving force behind the continuous releases of new artists and fresh content.  Kyle finally takes the plunge and releases his first HD and SD content packs from his recent documentary shoot last April in the USA with Dubassy and Sean Fleck (AOT) from VJ Vault.
Most diverse royalty free VJ Loops collection in the world. VJLoops.tv is constantly growing, expanding across the interweb from Asia to the Americas across the globe reaching the far corners of our planet.  Resident VJ's & DJ's rejoice with a fresh selection of content monthly that is produced to broadcast standards, so even marketing, advertising agencies, editors and other video professionals can take advantage of our visual goldmine.  To date, VJLoops.tv recruited 87 motion graphics artists, 3D animators and videographers from all walks of life.  Our database is 35,000 loops strong.


New Dubassy ladies: Since returning from the states on his last documentary shoot Dubassy didn't waste anytime.  This month we are happy to announce more sexy stock from the loop king! All hail Dubassy. Available August 8th 2011.  Browse his collections in SD and HD.


Putting the motion in ehmotion: Another VJLoops.tv favorite and by far our biggest animation contributor with over 3700 SD Loops and 2500 HD loops there's no way you can't find a pack you don't like.  If you're working with LED screens/curtains then ehmotion's collections are perfect for your events that demand high quality colorful motion graphics.


School's out: Liam from BasicProduction has been busy in the last year studying motion graphics and honing his skills.  His popular minimal packs are perfect for keying or take full advantage and use them for new and intersting compositions.  Visit his collections in SD, HD and wide screen TH2GO.


Get Blasted: Stereophonic system in full color ready to pulsate on the big screen.  This retro collection of clips plays nicely alone but I'm sure it would love to be mixed with some of Mowgli's retro cassettes.  Visit Skulpture's collections in SD and HD 720p.


Clean, crisp and ready to play: Hiltmeyer.Inc came in strong with a huge list of visual releases.  After his recent 10 day visit to VJLoops.tv studios in Valencia, Spain we  found ourselves with a nice little hard drive with over 800 new HD 1080p loops from this motion graphics artist hailing from Munich, Germany.  Visit his SD and HD collections and preview the new eyecandy!

Taras Gesh

Our secret visual weapon from Russia: Taras joined us some time ago, recruited after winning second place in the VJLoops & VJ Vault AV loop contest.  We are excited to present his new vj loops release titled "Structures".  Visit his collections in HD 720p and  SD 567p


Fast Forward press stop then play: Mowgli delivers an animated retro cassette pack that came out shortly after our last newsletter release.  Be kind please rewind and check out this artist's collections in SD, HD and TH2GO ultra wide loops. I hear cassettes like to be played in Skulpture's Ghetto Blasters!


Nordic Elements of Surprise: Our good friend who also recently visited VJLoops.tv studios last month was eager to get back to work on his new quad core machine that he recently built.  After his return to Iceland he set off on a time-lapse adventure and came back with Nordic Elements 1.  Available in HD and SD.


Head in the clouds: SteveG a regular contributor continues to deliver unique visuals for a wide range of tastes.  From lions to hot air balloons to nuclear fallout you can't say no to his eclectic mix of creations.  Visit his SD and HD 1080p and HD 720p collections to view the latest visual treats.


Black and White Abstractions: VJ SHQ joined us last month and already has supplied us with some new black and white abstract loops perfect for keying and layering with your mixes.  Visit his collections SD, HD and TH2GO collections

AOT (Sean Fleck)

The man with a vision: Determined and dedicated to creating stock footage for the masses Architects of Tomorrow founder and director of the 5 Year Film Project from Mount Airy Films has loads of new footage up and even more coming our way from his recent cross country adventure across America.  Visit his collections in SD and HD.

PHP/MYSQL Programmer Needed

VJLoops is looking for a talented programmer: For our continued growth and to offer our customers the service they need VJLoops needs to hire a PHP/MYSQL programmer who is cabable of working within the Joomla and Virtumart environment.  We need someone who knows how to work with content management systerms.  Interested or know a friend?  Send us your CV, hourly rate and we may get back to you regarding future work.  info@vjloops.tv
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