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In This Issue:

This issue will focus on “Thinking Like Sherlock Holmes for Process Filtration Selection”

Welcome to A&SoF. A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems. This is year number 5 for the newsletter and we have reached over 48,000 engineers worldwide with very interesting feedback.

In keeping with our mission of providing technical information to the market from many resources, BHS will begin a filtration "blog" in June. We are looking for ideas for a name of the blog…your suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

The focus of this issue is "Thinking Like Sherlock Holmes." Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are fictional characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Process engineers who live in the real-world can learn many things from the two of them for solving process filtration problems.

In a recent article in the International New Your Times, Karen Jones writes "Many of the techniques used by the Sherlock Holmes character all those years ago are now real techniques used today by forensic scientists." There is also a new book by Maria Konnikova "Mastermind-How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes" (Viking Penguin (USA) Inc. 2013).

Following these two abstracts is a technical article that will be presented by BHS at the upcoming 2014 AIChE Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA. The article "THINKING LIKE SHERLOCK HOLMES FOR PROCESS FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY SELECTION" is summarized below.

Finally, BHS and A&SoF are growing again! Please see the lab and pilot filtration testing opportunity described in the sidebar. This will be an important benefit to current and future BHS clients.

I hope that you find A&SoF useful and informative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues are much appreciated. You can now follow A&SoF on Facebook Facebook; please visit our page and soon on our "blog." If you missed any of the issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF, to view them. We look forward to your continued input and wish all of our readers a successful and healthy 2014.

Barry A. Perlmutter - 

Featured Problem Solving Technical Articles

International New York Times: "Sherlock Holmes, Science Instructor"

Karen Jones, International New York Times, Friday, March 21, 2014

In this article, Karen discussed the Holmes’s scientific method for problem solving. She continues that his use of observation and deduction makes him a natural for introducing forensic science; but, we must always be careful to separate fiction from reality.

Maria Konnikova, "Mastermind-How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”, Viking Penguin (USA) Inc. 2013."

In this book, Maria covers many topics ranging from the scientific method and brain functions to training ourselves to be better thinkers. She discusses the detective techniques of mindfulness, astute observation, logical deduction and others of Holmes and Watson. As engineers, I’m sure that you will find this very interesting.


This paper intertwines the detective techniques of Holmes and Watson with the problem solving skills required to select process filtration systems.

One example that Holmes proves time and again is that there is no benefit to jumping to conclusions. The paper begins with a discussion of the bench-top laboratory tests that are conducted for problem analysis, technology selection and scale-up. The tests include pressure/vacuum/centrifugation, filter media, cake thickness, temperature and viscosity concerns, filter aids and similar process parameters.

Another technique used by Holmes and Watson is “recreating events to look for gaps and inconsistencies.” The paper continues with four case history examples discussing slurry testing, process analysis and then process filtration selection for pressure filtration, vacuum filtration, centrifugation and clarification.

Finally, the paper concludes with a general review of the problem-solving skills of Holmes and Watson such as the "occasional silence" and "learning to tell the crucial from the incidental." These skills can be utilized by process engineers as a framework for "idea-generation" when analyzing an operating bottleneck issue or new process development problem. In all cases, by combining Holmes and Watson with accurate lab and pilot testing, the optimum filter selection can be realized. Read More and Download the full article.

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