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Volume 09 Issue 01
  Volume 10 Issue 1 BHS-Sonthofen Inc. February 26, 2019  
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BHS Filtration
Turnkey Technology System:  Two BHS Vacuum Belt Filters Followed by Two AVA Vertical Dryers for filtration, cake washing, dewatering/pre-drying and final drying

Focus:  BHS Acquires AVA GmbH for Dryer, Mixer & Reactor Technologies

Welcome to Year Number 10 of A&SoF. It’s exciting to look back and reread all of the past issues and realize that the insights and examples remain relevant to our industries today.  2019 will be a year of growth for BHS including the acquisition of AVA, innovative process engineering solutions as well as an expanded team to support our customers.  This will lead to marketplace changes and follows directly from the theme of my blog for this month “Becoming Uncomfortable in 2019.”  It is going to be fun.
This issue focuses on the AVA technologies [Link:, applications and their state-of-the-art drying test center.  AVA’s product range includes continuous and batch horizontal and vertical mixers and dryers. In addition to mixing and drying, the solutions also cover granulation, sterilization and reaction We will also show how the combined BHS and AVA systems provide important process benefits for turnkey projects for our clients.
As always, thanks again, to our readers, for your feedback and if you missed any issues, please click on the following link: to view them.  Have an enjoyable and safe 2019. 


Barry A. Perlmutter

Featured Article:

Develop Drying Curves

By Tom Blackwood, Contributing Editor, Chemical Processing, Powder and Solids eHandbook, pages 7 – 9, 2018.

Tom Blackwood discusses the reasons for drying curves.  As he states, when faced with a drying problem at the plant, the first thing that is asked for “is the drying curve.”  A drying curve serves many valuable functions including the time to reach the critical solvent content, drying rate and limitations due to equilibrium effects.  Tom explains some of the basic physical properties required of the solids and liquids for the testing as well as details about generating drying curves.  He then continues indicating that a batch drying curve can serve the basis for estimating the performance in both batch and continuous dryers.  In the end, small-scale drying tests either at the dryer manufacturer or on your site with a rental unit should be considered. 

The AVA test center in Herrsching (Munich) Germany allows customers to scale up from 15 –
90 liter batch mixer-dryer to full scale batch and continuous operations.  Full scale-up reports and drying curves are issued after testing. 

BHS Technology Application:

Selection of AVA Vertical or Horizontal Mixer-Dryers for Batch or Continuous Operations 

The mixing-drying process is one of the fundamental processes in solids process engineering. Over time, the trend has developed to use the mixer-dryers not only for the homogenization of powders and / or granules, but also the adjacent processes and process steps:

Mixing                   Homogenizing

Humidifying          Crystallizing

Drying                    Wetting

Cooling                  Solidifying

Stripping                Extracting

Reacting                Disagglomerating

Coating                  Evaporating

 Heating                 Granulating

The goal is to accomplish as many processes as possible in one unit in order to minimize investment and process costs. Due to this development, mixers have increasingly developed into multipurpose process machines, underscoring their importance as a central element in the systems.

Depending on the structure of the production process, a distinction is made between batch mixers and continuously operating mixers. The three types of mixers, which cover the vast majority of the application spectrum of the powder and granule processing industry, are explained below in terms of their optimal application options:

  • AVA Vertical mixer-dryers for batch operation
  • AVA Horizontal mixer-dryers for batch operation
  • AVA Horizontal mixer-dryers for continuous operation
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BHS-AVA Case History:  Continuous Filtration, Cake Washing and Final Drying

An international pharmaceutical company extracts phospholipids from egg yolk and prepares the final product as an additive for pet food. The company optimized the process with technology solutions from BHS and AVA: The BHS continuous vacuum belt filter is followed by the AVA continuous horizontal dryer in a full GMP installation.

Process Description
Egg yolk is a well-suited source of phospholipids. In the existing process, the ethanol slurry was mixed in various reslurry tanks for dilution washing and then manual filtration.  BHS and AVA analyzed the process and recommended the BHS continuous-indexing vacuum belt filter followed by the AVA continuous horizontal dryer in a full GMP installation.

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Becoming Uncomfortable in 2019

Thinking about 2019 and preparing for another great year put me in mind about what we can do to improve our work space.  Everyone gets comfortable at work, from where we sit and who we prefer to work with on our projects and teams.  

As leaders in filtration technology, we look for “no-drama” days in which the process is optimized, production is overcapacity, and customers have no machine issues.  However, these calm and steady-state environments can lead to complacency and learning plateaus. On the flip side, when we experience periodic disruptions, we develop new views and new ideas. 

Therefore, for 2019,  I suggest “becoming uncomfortable.” Shake up projects, teams and tasks/responsibilities. Sit somewhere new. Push yourself personally and professionally to embrace change.

Let us know how you plan to be uncomfortable in 2019!  We can share adventures. 

Upcoming Events:

  1.  Specialty & Custom Chemicals America:  Fort Worth, Texas, 11 -14 February 2019,
  2.  AICHE Spring Meeting: New  Orleans, 31 March – 4 April 2019,
  3.  Global Petroleum Show:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 11 – 13 June 2019, 
  4. The Chem Show:  New York City,  22  - 24 October 2019

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