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Volume 7, Issue 1                                                                                                            
In This Issue:

This issue will focus on “Clean-In-Place for Chemical and Pharma Operations”    

Welcome to A&SoF. A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems.
This is year number 7 for the newsletter and year number 2 for the BHS blog (  We try to answer the question “how do we know what the marketplace wants or needs even if the marketplace is unsure?” BHS listens and we communicate through A&SoF, the BHS blog and our twitter account  Your ideas and suggestions for future topics are much appreciated. 
This issue focuses on new challenges of clean-in-place (CIP) for chemical and pharmaceutical operations.  One article is from CH2M and EI Associates and discusses preventing contamination.  The follow-up to this is a BHS presentation from the ACHEMA Conference, Frankfurt, June, 2015.    
Finally, to our readers, thanks again for your feedback and if you missed any issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF to view them.   Our goal this year is a deeper dialog and engaging conversations with the many authors, bloggers, tweeters and experts from our industry.      

Barry A. Perlmutter 

Featured Problem Solving Technical Articles


Sleuthing in Solid-Liquid Separation

2015 Blog Summary

This is the beginning of year 2 of “PerlmutterUnfiltered” and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2015.  The release of the first edition of the Solid-Liquid Filtration Handbook, a practical guide for chemical engineers, prompted me to start this blog.  So far, it’s been great. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to expand on the ideas that good solid-liquid filtration process engineers proceed with caution and test, test, test.  At the same time, I’ve shared with you examples of the importance of creativity in our industry.   I also hope that you’ve had some fun with posts about engineering pranks or soliciting your opinions for a “Rock Stars of Filtration” list.  

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ACHEMA 2015-DECISION Briefs|Chemical process INDUSTRIES  

Engineering Practice:  Large Scale Fermentation Systems and CIP Design PRINCIPLES

By Bill Miley & Jim Riley, CH2M and Yasha Zelmanovich, EI Associates

The authors discuss CIP design considerations for removing contaminants and eliminating cross-contamination of batches.  Topics include CIP system configuration, equipment sizing, tanks and pumps, piping designs, instrumentation and controls, and automation.  Finally, they discuss CIP sequencing and sterilization with steam, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide vapor.  Read More


By Tim Ochel, Project Manager of Filtration Application Engineering, BHS-Sonthofen GmbH

Current demands and trends in solid – liquid separation applications require that the filter technology have adequate cleaning procedures to prevent cross-contamination and to avoid microbial growth.  This presentation demonstrates the CIP system of the BHS Rotary Pressure Filter (RPF) for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.  The full CIP capability of the RPF allow for process solutions for applications where optimum cleaning effectiveness, cGMP compliance and contained product handling are required.  Read More


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C³ - Customer Contribution Corner
BHS News & Updates:

BHS vacuum belt filter, 6.5 m2, new and in–stock….. and ready for immediate delivery.


  • All wetted parts in polypropylene
  • Filtration zones with oscillating feed
  • Cake washing zones
  • Steaming zone
  • Pressing zone
  • Drying zones
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump in stainless steel
  • Filtrate receivers and pumps
  • PLC controls

Ron Baltz, Filtration Lab Manager
BHS is pleased to announce that we have hired Ron Baltz as a Filtration Lab Manager.  Ron comes out of the chemical industry with lab and field experience at Henkel, Arizona Chemical, Cognis and BASF and a MS degree in Analytical Chemistry.  This will bring enhanced capabilities for BHS to support our clients.

2016 PowTech, 19 – 21 April, Nuremberg, Germany 
BHS will be in booth 4-227 in hall 4 and will be presenting our solutions for the environmental engineering, waste disposal and mining industries.

2016 ChemExpo, 28 April, Kingsport, Tennessee. 
BHS is exhibiting and presenting a technical paper on Continuous Pressure and Vacuum Filtration Technologies as Alternatives to Batch Filtration Operations.

2016 American Filtration Society Conference for Oil, Gas & Chemicals, 9 – 11 May, Houston. 
BHS will be presenting “Solid-Liquid Separation technology for removing contaminant fines from water scrubbing, clarifier effluents and grey water.”

2016 FILTECH, 11 - 13 October, Cologne, Germany.
BHS will be in booth C12 in Hall 11.1 and will be presenting our solid-liquid filtration technologies with over 60 years of experience.

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