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This issue focuses on solid-liquid filtration trends and the importance of particle fines removal.

Welcome to the Fourth Year of A&SoF. We trust that all of our readers had a safe and healthy holiday season and we wish everyone a successful 2013. 
A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems.

Over the past years, there have been many articles about centrifuges, filter presses, nutsche filters, vacuum filters and other conventional equipment and how they have been improved.  We have also heard from the chemical operating companies that while these improvements are important, their processes are requiring finer removal efficiencies to meet stricter quality parameters.  A&SoF profiles several articles addressing these topics. 

Following these abstracts is the BHS technical article “SOLID-LIQUID FILTRATION TRENDS FOR PARTICLE FINES REMOVAL IN MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENTS.”   This article will be presented at the AICHE 2013 Spring Meeting in San Antonio, TX, April 28 – May 2.    
Finally, BHS-Filtration Inc. and A&SoF are growing again.  Please look for a major announcement in May 2013.  This will be an important benefit to BHS current and future clients. 
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Featured Problem Solving Technical Articles


For chemical, pharmaceutical and energy production operations, there are several basic filtration choices for a process engineer. These are segmented by pressure, vacuum or centrifugal forces as well as particle size removal and whether or not the filter will discharge the cake batch-wise or continuous.

Some interesting articles for a reference search and additional reading include:

Trevor Sparks:
"Understanding filter presses and belt filters"

Ernie Mayer:
"Comparison of Membrane Filter Presses with Belt Filter Presses and Centrifuges"

Tom Patnaik:
"Solid-Liquid Separation: A Guide to Centrifuge Selection"


In the manufacturing of chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bioenergy etc., after the initial mixing-reactions, there is always the necessity to remove the mother liquor from the process slurry.  In some cases, the liquid is the valuable component, in some cases it is the solids and in other cases it is both compounds.  The nature of the requirements will determine the type of equipment needed for the separation process.

Generally, after the initial mixing - reactions, there will be bulk separation to remove the larger product solids or unwanted solids. This is the easy step. As processes have become more sophisticated and quality requirements increased, there is a trend to be able to remove the residual particle fines from the slurries. These fines are very small, typically in the 1 – 5 micron range and smaller and are very low in concentration down to ppm levels.

This paper provides a brief overview of crude separation equipment and then continues with a detailed view of technologies that can remove – recover small particle fines. The general term for this is “clarification” technologies and this will cover alternatives to traditional bag and cartridge filtration systems.

The paper concludes with a review of the installations in chemical, refinery, bioenergy and pharmaceutical plants to provide engineers with new and creative ways of thinking to evaluate process filtration problems and solutions.

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BHS-Filtration Inc. News & Updates:

"Solid-Liquid Filtration Trends for Particle Fines Removal in Manufacturing Environments" AICHE Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX; 28 April – 2 May 2013.

"A Review of the Rotary Pressure Filter for the Filtration of a Liquefied Gas Slurry" AFS Filtration Society Meeting, Minneapolis, MN; 7 - 9 May 2013.

AIChE Process Development Symposium: BHS to present “Integrating Process Development Through Pilot Plant Work; Chicago, IL; 11-13 June 2013.

"Framework for Selecting Thin-Cake Candle Filter Technology for Removing Solid Containment Fines from Recirculating Gas Scrubbing Fluids" The Oil Sands & Heavy Oil Technologies Conference, Calgary, 23-25 July 2013.

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