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In This Issue:

This issue will focus on "Thinking Inside the Box"

Welcome to A&SoF. A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems.

In recent months, there have been many articles about modular construction of plants and skids systems. In Business Week, there was an interesting article about building complete plants in other locations and then shipping these plants to the site. In a recent Chemical Engineering article “Thinking Inside The Box” the benefits of modular skid fabrication was discussed over a “stick-build” approach. These articles are summarized below.

Following these Business Week and Chemical Engineering abstracts are three BHS seminar presentations given in Bahrain, St. Louis and New York. These seminars discuss applications, testing and the modular fabrication capabilities of BHS.

Finally, BHS and A&SoF are growing again! Please see the lab and pilot filtration testing opportunity described in the sidebar. This will be an important benefit to current and future BHS clients.


I hope that you find A&SoF useful and informative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues are much appreciated. You can now follow A&SoF on Facebook, please visit our page. If you missed any of the issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF to view them. We look forward to your continued input and wish all of our readers a successful and healthy remainder of 2013.

Barry A. Perlmutter - 

Featured Problem Solving Technical Articles

Bloomberg Business Week: "Construction Outsourcing"

Bruce Einhorn and Matthew Philips, Global Economics, September 05, 2013.

In this article, Bruce and Matthew discuss an international and domestic model of "IPO," or industrial process outsourcing by various engineering and construction companies. These companies are specialists in making parts for power plants, oil and gas refineries, chemical plants and other large projects.

Construction outsourcing can help companies cut costs by as much as 20 percent, says Harvey Bernstein, vice president at McGraw-Hill Construction (MHFI) and co-author of a 2011 report on the industry. "… he says, in part, "For intricate work such as welding, craftsmen are far more productive working at a bench in a warehouse than perched atop a ladder." The bottom line: Construction outsourcing can shave 10 percent to 20 percent off the cost of a big project.

Chemical Engineering: "Thinking Inside the Box"

Joy LePree, Newsfront, Chemical Engineering, pages 26 – 30, September 2013.

Joy discusses the benefits of modular construction for CPI applications with information from the Construction Industry Institute as well as from Pfaulder Inc., Zeton Inc., EPIC Systems, Inc., Fluor Energy & Chemicals and Skanska USA. The benefits can include single-source responsibility, firm & fixed pricing, schedule, quality and cost improvements, space-savings and the most important of risk mitigation for the project.

C³ - Customer Contribution Corner
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BHS-Filtration Inc. News & Updates:

BHS Lab & Pilot Filtration Testing Opportunity

BHS is growing again. We are looking for a filtration testing individual for lab and pilot field testing to support the marketing, sales, process and service groups. For details and job description, contact Barry A. Perlmutter at

2103 Chem Show, New York, 10 -12 December

For Our Existing Clients- Please Remember to Contact BHS for Your On-Site Service

"Lunch & Learn Filtration Seminars"; BHS is organizing technical seminars focusing on the principles of filtration with application specific information. Contact BHS for details and scheduling.

BHS-Filtration Seminars & Presentations

MEPEC - 2nd Midde East Process Engineering Conference, (, on 29 September – 3 October, with AICHE, Bahrain.


St. Louis Engineering Club, on 14 November for Solid-Liquid Separations Seminar (1:30 – Dinner Speaker). The speakers will include Chuck Carpenter (Former Monsanto, now Washington University); Tom Blackwood (Former Monsanto, now Healthsite Associates), Barry A. Perlmutter (BHS-Filtration Inc.) and Charles Page (PRISM® Membranes, Air Products & Chemicals). The focus of the meeting will be on selection of separation devices including testing, centrifugation, filtration and hollow-fiber membranes. [For more information, please contact Barry A. Perlmutter at]

BHS seminar will cover testing, clarification-combination filtration, candle and pressure plate filter technologies, concentrating candle filters, vacuum belt filters to concentrating candle filters, rotary pressure filters and pharmaceutical Autopress (contained filter press) technology.

Chem Show Technology Presentation: Wednesday, 11 December at 11:00 am Combination Concentrating Candle Filter and Pressure Plate Filter Skid System

BHS presentation focuses on a combined two-stage filtration process producing clean filtrates to 0.5 um with concentrating candle filters. The second stage is a pressure plate filter for final cake washing and drying. The benefits are clean filtrates with less water usage and less compressed gas usage.

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