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Vol 6 Issue 2                                                                                                                                                  Blog
In This Issue:

This issue will focus on "Process Scale-Up"

Welcome to A&SoF. A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems. This is year number 6 for the newsletter and we will continue to work diligently for a “true” newsletter containing technical articles and ideas from many authors (and bloggers) in the industry.

The new BHS blog is now up and running, ( The blog is described below and we are looking for guest bloggers to contribute. Contact me through the link on the blog and let me know your ideas. The goal is to have this blog become a communication tool for all us to exchange of information on process topics. Thanks for your help to make this successful.

This issue focuses on process scale-up both for specialty chemicals as well as for bioenergy. The two articles discuss how to scale up and how technology may change based upon which is the current stage-gate of the scale-up. One article is from Chemical Engineering Progress and the other is a case study from BHS illustrating a process scale up from batch candle filtration to the commercial scale which required continuous vacuum filtration.

Finally, in the last issue, BHS announced our new and expanded testing laboratory in our facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Capabilities include pressure and vacuum testing, cake washing, drying (blowing, pressing and vacuum), filter media selection, conductivity measurements, filter aid selection and other quality testing. We are now looking for a Lab Testing Technician; please see the side-bar for further information and to apply for this opportunity.

I hope that you find A&SoF useful and informative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues are much appreciated. If you missed any of the issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF, to view them. We look forward to your continued input.

Barry A. Perlmutter 

Featured Problem Solving Technical Articles


Sleuthing in Solid-Liquid Separation

Elementary, My Dear Process Engineers!

Back in 2013, I read Maria Konnikova’s book Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes. Solid-liquid separation may not have the glamor of investigating blackmail and burglary, extortion and espionage or mayhem, yet I was struck by the similarities between process engineers and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Process engineers, as do Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson:

  • Know there is no benefit to jumping to conclusions.
  • Benefit from working with others
  • Apply problem solving skills to discern the crucial from the incidental.

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"Scaling Up Bioenergy Technologies"

David Edwards, Zeton Inc., Scaling Up Bioenergy Technologies, March 2015, pages 58 – 61,

In this article, David discusses the stage-gate method for process scale-up. The focus of the article is bioenergy and he explains the differences between traditional chemical process scale-up and the scale-up for bioenergy projects. He covers each stage-gate of lab, pilot, demonstration and commercial and what are the key parameters to ensure success.


"Process Scale-Up from Demonstration Batch Filtration to Commercial Continuous"

This article will follow the process filtration approach developed for each technology stage-gate starting from batch filtration in the lab to continuous filtration for the full-scale commercial operation. The article begins with a discussion of each stage-gate and how to avoid the “cookie-cutter” approach to these types of projects. Laboratory / bench top filtration testing is covered for problem analysis, technology selection and pilot and demonstration scale-up. The paper continues with the filtration testing and then scale-up to the commercial size. Finally, the paper concludes with a general review of the problem-solving skills and how these skills can be utilized by process engineers as a framework for “idea-generation” when analyzing a new process scale-up. Read More...

C³ - Customer Contribution Corner
BHS-Filtration Inc. News & Updates:

"Guide to Solid-Liquid Filtration"  by Barry A. Perlmutter.
This book is part of the series of Practical Guides of Chemical Engineering published by Elsevier, Oxford, UK.

15 - 19 June 2015 – Frankfurt, Germany BHS will be in Hall 5.0, booth C34, exhibiting the newest Rotary Pressure Filter designs and other leading edge filtration technologies.

2015 Chem Show
17 – 19 November, New York BHS will be in booth 255 and will be discussing our combination filtration approach using candle filters and pressure plate filters.

BHS is Growing Again: Filtration Lab Technician
The position will conduct filtration, washing and drying testing in the BHS lab or at the client’s site as well as to manage our laboratory. If you are interested, please us at


For Our Existing Clients- Please Remember to Contact BHS for Your On-Site Service

"Lunch & Learn Filtration Seminars"; BHS is organizing technical seminars focusing on the principles of filtration with application specific information. Contact BHS for details and scheduling.