Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire® Announces Call for Makers Now Open!


The Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire® – Powered by TekVenture is set to take place September 13 & 14 at Headwaters Park East - Lincoln Pavilion.This is like no other event in that guests participate in experiential learning such as how to weld or solder while learning how Makers of the region and beyond go about turning their ideas into reality. Cirque AmongsUs will also be back for our 4th year so guests will again get to learn circus performance art and ride alternative vehicles.

Music, food, and workshops will be available to help curb those cravings for great entertainment and eating locally produced food. This event is also unique in that guests get to learn cool things about Makers, their projects and the tools, materials, and processes used to make them. Who knows which idea will change the world. We hope you'll find that maybe you're a Maker too!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for event updates. We're currently looking for attraction ideas such as fun art cars, speakers, or quirky things in which the public might be interested. There will also be projects to build so visit us at the Maker Faire to see what new skills you might learn.
  If you like to tinker or are passionate about technology, art making, or any other projects you want to share with others, this is the event for you. Free to Makers who want to share their ideas, just apply by submitting your completed Call for Makers. Fees apply to all other categories of Makers.

This is a community driven event serving as a fundraiser for TekVenture so if interested in exhibiting, volunteering, racing, or sponsoring, we’d love to hear from you at
Meet Your Makers:
Peter Chaparro

The Fort Wayne Maker Fair 2014 is coming! This marks my 3rd year as an exhibitor and each year just gets better. For those who have attended the last couple years you may know me for some of the projects that I presented, including the remote control baby walker, the smoke ring air vortex cannon, or perhaps the crazy LED light projects I’ve been working on. 

The beauty is in the variety. No other expo or trade show in the world provides such an eclectic group of people.  Nowhere will you see demonstrations of a Wet Swing Set that never gets you wet, an automated Halloween pumpkin carving machine, a simple pulse jet engine which overwhelms all of your logical senses, or a group of people making complex shapes out of molten glass.  And that's just the first aisle--the list goes on.

The Maker movement is here and stronger than ever. New ideas and cutting edge technologies are no longer limited to corporations with deep pockets. Never before has there been a platform like the Maker Fair for inventors, tinkerers, and hobbyists to demonstrate and showcase THEIR ideas. And now, corporations are adopting this “no rules” mindset and realize who is inventing the future.

For me, it stretches beyond a hobby. Last year I reluctantly decided to present an LED desk lamp using a new technology called Remote Phosphor. My lamp wasn’t complete and hadn’t been tested. As a matter of fact, I finished the very crude prototype the night before the faire. And I must admit, a fair amount of duct tape was utilized in its assembly. Then, much to my surprise, fair goers loved it! Attendees and other Makers saw beyond my “cobbled up wreck of a project” and understood they were seeing something for the first time.

Only because of the Maker Fair the "Eclipse Lamp" was born. After receiving overwhelming positive interest in my lamp during the fair, I decided to post my project on the popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter. By the time the campaign was over, my initial fund raising goal was quadrupled and have currently sold and shipped my eleventh-hour Maker Fair idea across the world. 

Believe me, your project doesn’t have to be perfect, finished, or even presentable. Nor does it have to be revolutionary. Just an idea. If you don’t have one… that is even better. Just attend! Certainly you will be impressed, and maybe, like me, you will be overcome with awe and inspiration. Question is what are you going to MAKE?

- Pete Chaparro

TekVenture is a 501(c(3) public art and technology workshop funded by membership fees, workshops, special events, and sponsorship. The Mission of TekVenture is to provide an environment offering space, tools, materials, and mentors where the community can realize their creative potential and satisfy their need to make things.

Meet Your Makers:
Scott Rizzo

Even as a little boy if it had moving parts or could be taken apart then I was looking around the garage for a screwdriver or pliers to do just that. Fortunately my father was a mechanical engineer with a propensity for fixing things himself so my behavior was not only accepted but encouraged. So at 10 years old when I would bring home broken Big Wheels sidewalk cars I found in the trash and combine the usable parts into a downhill racer (think Soapbox derby) it was no surprise. 

Jump forward to my early teens. I traded a weekend’s worth of yard work at a neighbor’s house for a go-kart frame with a non-running motor.  After a little engine work, a few new parts and new paint, I was terrorizing an otherwise quiet cul-de-sac. 

Ah, high school and car ownership. My 1976 Fiat X1/9 provided me with an endless supply of mechanical problems to find solutions to. I had to learn breaks, electrical, suspension and bodywork just to cover the repairs required for that type of car and my driving habits. 

It is amazing how resourceful a college student I became working for minimum wage and going to school part time. From repairing/repurposing items left on the side of the road to building my own DJ equipment, I was always creating.

Adulthood and home ownership not only provided me with yet more opportunity to expand my skills into plumbing, electrical and remodeling but also gave me a garage to turn into a WORKSHOP!

Never like a lot of my friends, with all my fixing, re-purposing and creating, most regarded me with a mixture of curiosity and sometimes gratitude for helping them. I carried the nickname “McGyver” with pride until about 5 years ago when I went to my first Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit Michigan. In the two days I was there I got to talk to a lot of other innovative, creative and interesting people. I realized that I was not as unusual as some of my friends made me out to be, quite simply I am a MAKER!

 - Scott Rizzo

Sponsors Welcome

TekVenture could not bring you this event without generous sponsors! A complete sponsorship program is available so if interested in adding exposure to your brand or you just want to help make a better Maker Faire, contact us for a complete list of options or to design a custom plan. Raffle items also welcome.
Garage Sale 8-4pm, Friday, June 27

TekVenture recently leased the former American Sweeper Company building at 1800 Broadway. Friday, June 27 - 8-4pm is your last chance to purchase treasures found in the building. Come see what's been uncovered in our urban archeological dig and learn what TekVenture has planned for Maker Faire Fort Wayne and beyond.

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