Maker Faire 2013 is Full STEAM Ahead

Much like TekVenture, The Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire® is a place where Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) collide in cool projects presented by local Makers. The Maker Faire is a family fun festival to make, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play & be inspired. 

Set to take place Saturday & Sunday, September 14 & 15. Maker Faire Fort Wayne will again be located at the beautiful Headwaters Park East Lincoln Pavilion,10 am - 6 pm each day. The bonus is we lucked into an earlier weekend at the park so it will be much warmer for this year's festivities.

This is a unique event in that Makers are asked to actually make something on-site, have a hands-on interactive activity, or at minimum offer some educational component. Our goal is to celebrate our region's Creative Community by allowing these folks to share their passions, spark learning in a fun environment, and hopefully create a few new Makers. Half of those currently registered are new to this year's event. Of course getting a Maker to register is always interesting.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for event updates. We're honing in on interesting art cars, researching cool things to learn about and see, confirming race details, and finalizing specifics of our Maker Mini-Challenges.
Mini-Challenges are free activities allowing people to flex their Maker Muscles and compete with each other using a variety of craft and up-cycled items to solve a simple goal in 30 minutes (think a scaled down version of “Junk Yard Wars”).  Up to eight teams can compete during each challenge, and Mini-Makers (kids) are encouraged to participate with their families. If you or your organization like to manage or judge a Mini-Challenge at the Maker Faire, let us know!
Register as a Maker, Commercial Maker, or Vendor

Free to those who want to share their ideas and projects, submit a Call for Makers to apply as a Maker Exhibitor prior to August 9. Commercial Makers (1 or 2 individuals) who want to sell their items to the public are charged $100. Exhibit spaces also available for vendors (3 or more employees) as well. Let us know if you would like more information. 
This is a community driven event serving as a fundraiser for TekVenture so contact us if interested in exhibiting, volunteering, racing, or sponsoring.
So What is a Maker?

Everyone likes to learn how things are made. Perhaps you've seen a very successful similarly named television series? Makers are folks naturally compelled to take things apart and see how they work. Makers like to fix things, create new things, solve problems, make art, or make something faster, greener, or just "better." Are you a Maker?

You might know the story about Scott Rizzo.  When asked to build a Twinkie shooter like the one we saw at the inaugural Detroit Maker Faire?  Rizzo replied, "I can't build something just like the one I saw in Detroit, mine has to be better."  With support from local Maker Aaron Makin, what was once a lawn mower chassis now rocks custom pipe work, a custom paint job, and a dual-cannon launcher that shoots targets at 100 ft. or more. The TwinkieMobile is now open for public event bookings.

All are much relieved that Twinkies are now back with "double the shelf life."  

Rizzo is a true Maker and this year he's been working to expand The Race, last year's addition to Maker Faire that he conceived.Think of kids electric ride-on toy cars. Modify them with up to $500 plus safety gear. Bring them to the Maker Faire track and adults drag race them through obstacles of sand, water, gravel, and mulch. Hilarious.

Racing will now take place throughout the weekend. Maker Faire Fort Wayne is now an official stop of the Power Racing Series, a national racing circuit. More in our next newsletter.

I have a "Jeep" in my garage that needs a battery.  It's open for free to a good organization who will enter it in The Race. Get your ask in now then register!

TekVenture Members?


Workshops are scheduled through early August then we'll be getting ready for Maker Faire.

TekVenture is hoping to move into a building by the end of the year. 

Ongoing memberships available soon so let us know with input on tools you'd like to see, what you'd pay, etc.

Attend Maker Faire!

Have you thought about stopping in the Allen County Public Library (ACLP) parking lot at Webster and Washington Sts. to find out what the TekVenture Maker Station is all about? Were you thinking about learning to solder but never took the time? Do really know what machining means, or to mill or to injection mold? Have you seen a 3D printer? Did you get to ride the crazy dicycle or multi-topped bike from Cirque AmongUs or miss their circus performance apparatus at Maker Faire because it was too cold last year?  

Well now is your chance! Attend Maker Faire 2013 to meet "our" Makers, create a Make & Take, learn something new, ride a few unexpected rides and maybe even see a little fire! Purchase tickets in advance on-line or at the door. Save a few bucks with a weekend pass if planning to attend both days.

Please Sponsor!
TekVenture is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit managed by volunteers. We could not bring you this event without generous sponsor support!

A complete sponsorship program is available so if interested in adding exposure to your brand or you just want to help make a better Maker Faire, contact us for a listing of options. Raffle items also welcome.
Sponsors at $1,000 or more receive a 10'x10' exhibit space plus many other benefits.Those at $2,500 or more get company logo included on 10,000 save-the-date cards, 250 posters, and other print items. We are planning a press run the first week of August so let us know right away if interested. We'd love to provide exposure for your brand.

Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are key to a successful event of this size and scope. Hundreds of volunteer slots are available for all levels of interest, experience, and capability. Commit to a shift and receive a free T-shirt and event entry. Sign up today to ensure you secure your favorite task, date, and time. Additional assignments may come on line as planning develops so let your friends know we could use their help.

Detroit Maker Faire is this Saturday & Sunday
This weekend is MakeZine's flagship Detroit Maker Faire our inspiration for bringing Maker Faire to Fort Wayne!

Detroit Maker Faire takes place July 27 & 28 at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, one of Michigan's greatest treasures.

It's not too late to attend this amazing event with over 300 Makers and 26,000 attendees. The parking lot has 600,000 sq. ft. of Maker exhibits alone and now they're exhibiting inside as well.

Over the years TekVenture members have participated as guests, exhibitors, event producers recruiting Makers for Fort Wayne event, and this year as guests of local Maker Randall Sordelet. He'll be featuring his hand-built jet engines and other toys and has graciously offered TekVenture members a place "to land" at the Detroit Faire.

Randall will be at Maker Faire Fort Wayne 2013 as well so get ready to be amazed by these precision machines and so surprised your hair will actually be blown back. Wait until you see what he's cooking up for this year!

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