There is no shortage of events and opportunities at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe 1100-1800). See below for more information:
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Congratulations to the following who have been awarded Associate Investigator status with the Centre for 2016:

  • Natsuko Akagawa, RMIT University: 'Curiosity, lust and love: Dutch encounters with the East (1650-1800)'.
  • Michael Champion, Australian Catholic University: 'Translating Emotions from Palestinian Monasticism to Humanism (c. 1500-1650)'.
  • Jennifer Clement, The University of Queensland (UQ): 'Passions and Preaching: The Early Modern English Sermon, 1603-1660'.
  • Ashok Collins, The Australian National University: 'A Vision of Rapture: Mysticism in Australian Experimental Filmmaking'.
  • Rob Conkie, La Trobe University: 'LOL: The Merry Wives of Windsor at the New Fortune'.
  • Amelia Dale, The University of Sydney (USyd): 'Lessons in Feeling: Quixotic Mothering in Women’s Writing, 1790-1800'.
  • Ana Dragojlovic, The University of Melbourne (UMelb): 'Affectivity of Historical Violence'.
  • R.A. Goodrich, Deakin University: 'Disorderly Emotions: British Philosophical and Medical Debates, 1700-1798'.
  • Jennifer Hamilton, USyd: 'Weathering the City'.
  • Daniela Kaleva, The University of South Australia: 'Performing Religious Affect in Monteverdi’s Il pianto della Madonna'.
  • Stephen Knight, UMelb: 'The King and the Fairy Queen: Public and Private Emotions in Medieval Arthurian Literature'.
  • Dolly MacKinnon, UQ: 'Soundscapes of Emotion: bell ringing in England c.1500-c1800'.
  • Catherine Mann, UMelb: 'Expressing selves: meaning, modality and misunderstanding in The Lisle Letters, 1533–1540'.
  • Alicia Marchant, The University of Tasmania: ‘Fear and the Historical Past: Emotion, Temporality and Ghost Tours’.
  • Charlotte-Rose Millar, UMelb, 'Everyday Voices: Constructions of Love, Sex and Desire in Early Modern England'.
  • Olivia Murphy, USyd: 'Rereading emotion in the eighteenth-century novel, 1740-1755: Samuel Richardson’s passionate heroines'.
  • Jane-Heloise Nancarrow, The University of Western Australia: 'Modeling Emotions: 3D visualisation of medieval and early modern artefacts'.
  • Kathleen Nelson, USyd: 'Interrogating 12th-century notation for the Eloi Eloi segment of the Passions'.
  • Eric Parisot, Flinders University: 'Refashioning Suicide: Emotions and Self-Destruction in Eighteenth-Century Britain'.
  • Lucy Potter, The University of Adelaide: '"In fear and feeling of the like distress": Ekphrastic Catharsis in Christopher Marlowe's Tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage and 1 Tamburlaine the Great'.
  • Melissa Raine, Independent Scholar: 'Children's voices and their stories in contemporary Australia'.
  • Madeline Shanahan, Native Title Services Victoria: 'Mother’s Milk: Breastfeeding, Infant Care and Domestic Medicine in Early Modern Ireland'.
  • Elfie Shiosaki, Curtin University: 'The legacy of early Noongar political activism (1900-1930s) in Western Australia'.
  • Elilzabeth Stephens, Southern Cross University: 'The Mechanics of Emotion: Eighteenth-Century Automata and the Construction of an Affective Public Sphere'.
  • Anik Waldow, USyd: 'Sympathy and Its Reflections in History'.
  • Linda Williams, RMIT University: 'Explore Everything, Keep the Best – John Evelyn and the 17th-century garden as an emotional locus of early modern globalization'.
Special Category: Associate of the Sydney node of CHE
  • Jan Shaw, USyd: 'Laughter and the horizons of identity in the Prose Life of Alexander and the Wars of Alexander'.

We look forward to welcoming to Australia the following international scholars who will be undertaking International Visiting Research Fellowships with the Centre in the second half of 2016 and 2017:

  • Alessandro Arcangeli, Università di Verona (Italy): 'Stereotypes of the Dancing Other'.
  • Kevin Curran, University of Lausanne (Switzerland): 'Judgment and Emotion in Hamlet'.
  • Sarah Goldsmith, University of York (UK): 'Nostalgia, Melancholy and Death on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour'.
  • Toria Johnson, University of St Andrews (UK): 'She "spake the same wordes in anger": Emotion and Defamation in Community and Courtroom'.
  • Jette Linaa, MoesgÃ¥rd Museum (Denmark): 'The Emotional Object: The materiality of friendship, longing and trust in Diaspora Communities in Early Modern Denmark'.
  • Richard  Meek, University of Hull (UK): 'The Relativity of Sorrows: Sympathy in Early Modern Literature and Culture, c.1580-1640’.
  • Louise Nyholm Kallestrup, University of Southern Denmark: 'Fear of evil: Emotions and images in the construction of witchcraft in Early Modern Denmark'.
  • Simon Palfrey, University of Oxford (UK): 'Demons Land: A Poem Come True'.
  • Mark Seymour, University of Otago (NZ): 'Emotional Arenas in Time and Space: From Baroque Rome to the Celtic World'.
  • Vivasvan Soni, Northwestern University (Canada): 'Aesthetics and the Crisis of Judgment in the Eighteenth Century'.
  • Naya Tsentourou, University of Exeter (UK): 'Breathing Emotions in Early Modern England: Sighs and Groans in Shakespeare, Herbert, and Milton'.

Congratulations to Centre colleagues who have been awarded ARC Discovery Project (DP) grants from the Australian Research Council commencing in 2016:

  • Wilfred Prest, David Lemmings (CHE Chief Investigator), Michael Macnair: DP to recover and reassess the general history of English law during the seven decades following the Glorious Revolution of 1688–89, when limited monarchy, parliamentary government and the rule of law became new constitutional norms for an emergent imperial British state (and, eventually, for Australia). $606,120.
  • Megan Cassidy-Welch (CHE Associate Investigator 2014-16): DP  investigating how and why atrocity in war is understood, questioned, and given meaning. $278,173.
  • Anna Haebich (CHE Advisory Board), Tiffany Shellam, Elfie Shiosaki (CHE AI 2016), Ellen Kraly: DP to produce the first account of Noongar letter writing in Western Australian archives from 1860 to 1960. $263,603.
  • Iain McCalman (CHE Advisory Board), Libby Robin, Kirsten Wehner, Josh Wodak, Caitilin de Bérigny, Martha Sear, Jennifer Newell, Jan Zalasiewicz, Gregg Mitman: DP to undertake a comprehensive investigation of Australia as a distinctive locality within the global idea of the new epoch of humanity known as the Anthropocene. $431,150.
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