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OBESSU’s GA 2012 welcomes a new board!

In the weekend of 19 till 20 May 2012, the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) held its annual General Assembly (GA) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The GA always has an important value since it is the place where Member and Observer Organisations can assess together the work done and discuss how to improve the work of OBESSU. Read more »

We will not die going to School!

OBESSU could not have received any worse news during our General Assembly in Copenhagen. The horrific event in Brindisi yesterday is incomprehensible. To attack school students whilst they are arriving at school is an unbelievably brutal act and shows the importance of the role school students must play in the continued fight for legality, free and secure democracy. We, as the representative Assembly of the school student organisations in Europe, feel the sorrow of the families and school colleagues of the victims of the school “Morvillo Falcone”. We join the anger of all the Italian school students shown through spontaneously organised demonstrations throughout Italy.
The school should be a place of legality and democratic citizenship, we will not die going to school” said the representatives of Unione degli Studenti (UdS) – Italy. UdS organised assemblies and demonstrations in all schools “to raise awareness of the culture of legality and fight any terrorist acts”. For more information, click here.

OBESSU Conference: Art and Sport as Catalysts for Social Inclusion
Following the GA, from 21 till 25 May 2012, OBESSU also organised a Conference on the topic “Art and Sport as Catalysts for Social Inclusion” in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference gathered around 50 school student activists from all over Europe. Together they discussed in which way sport, art and creativity, both within as outside of schools, can contribute to better intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, overcoming differences, promoting acceptance of diversity and fostering equality among young people. Find the pictures on Read more »


OBESSU launches the Claim Your Voice! Stand up for VET!-campaign!

The President of the European Parliament, Martin SCHULZ, supports the Claim Your Voice-campaign!

Read everything about the campaign launch in the Special Newsletter!

Claim Your Voice! Stand up for VET! – campaign on Vocational Education and Training was presented at the European Youth Forum’s YO! Fest 2012, Intern action day, on 16th of May in Brussels. All information on the launch, including videos and news from our member organisations tha with VET, can be found in OBESSU’s Special Newsletter on the VET campaign launch!

Call for Members of the Working Group on Vocational Education and Training (VET)

OBESSU has opened the call for applications for Members of the Working Group on Vocational Education and Training (VET). Read more »


Member News

KYC fights drugs abuse in high schools

The number of high school student drug abusers in Kosovo is rising. To address this issue, OBESSU’s contact organisation the Kosovar Student Council (KSC) – with the support of the Kosovar Youth Council (KYC) – organised a debate about this topic. Read more »

VSK thanks its volunteers!

On Friday, the 20th of April, the Vlaamse Scholierenkoepel (VSK) decided to say a big Thank You to volunteers all over Flanders.“Our year theme at VSK is Volunteers“, says 17-year-old VSK chairman Elio De Bolle. “Not only the school students in the school student councils, but also all of the school students who want to make school a more pleasant place, must be thanked.” Read more »

UdS on the PISA tests: “Evaluated not rated!”

On 16 May, all Italian high schools will be submitted to the PISA evaluation tests provided by INVALSI, the National Institute for the Evaluation of Education. For the second year, a set of multiple choice tests is imposed on all sophomore pupils, who have already been confused by the sudden changes approved by the last government. Unione degli Studenti of Italy (UdS) believes that evaluation is a such a difficult process that it can not be replaced by a quiz which puts apart the role of the teacher as educator and promotes only competitiveness instead of student cooperation. Read more »  

UNSS launches series of cultural events around Serbia

This spring school councils of Serbia are organising various activities on the topic “Youth culture in my school” as a part of the Operation a Day’s Work programme of the Union of Secondary School Students of Serbia (UNSS). Operation a Day’s Work (ODW) is a concept based on youth volunteerism, secondary school activism and the social responsibility of companies.  Read more »

GSSUA organises 2nd Forum Theater in the regions of Georgia

The Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA), OBESSU’s contact organisation in Georgia, is continuing its work to cover all the regions in Georgia. The representatives travel to different regions and meet the active students there. With the help of those students and various activites such as the “Forum Theater”, they are spreading awareness about the organisation and youth problems in the entire country. Read more »

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Partner News

European Parliament CULT Committee Calls for Separate Funding for Youth

The European Parliament’s CULT (Education and Culture) Committee recently discussed the “Erasmus for All,” a programme proposed by the European Commission. Among other objectives, Erasmus for All would combine several existing programmes in the field of education, training and youth and increase current funding by 70%. Speaking on behalf of the Parliament, Committee Rapporteur Doris Pack MEP voiced concerns with the Commission’s proposal. Pack stressed that it is of “the utmost importance to create a separate Chapter for Youth in the Proposal, as well as a separate budget line.” For more information, visit the European Youth Forum here.


Upcoming Events

*July 31th-August 7th, 2012Summer School "Share your Skills" in Mollina, Spain.
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