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Consultation on Structured Dialogue

OBESSU is preparing a report for a Structured Dialogue, and we want YOU, the Member and Observer Organisations of OBESSU, to get involved!
Structured dialogue is a continuous legitimate process with the consultations/dialogue organised in Member States and across EU by INGYOs, informing the EU Youth Conference at which Joint Conclusions are adopted with the aim of influencing the political decisions at the EU level taken in the Council of the EU.
The deadline for the consultation is 3rd February 2013.
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Outcomes of the 8th European School Student Convention: Education at 360°

The 2012 OBESSU Convention entitled “Education at 360°” dealt with the topic of Evaluation of education. The first thing which was noticed was that the topic is broad; very broad indeed. OBESSU and its national member organization tried to find a broad perspective on the topic and actually look at it from 360°. To find out more about the participant's take on Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Education, and to see the Draft Guidelines Read more »




LMS Winter forum: Activism inspires to grow!

Just after the New Year, on the 4th of January, about 300 school activists from 23 of Lithuania’s cities, were at the Republic of Lithuanian Presidential house for the opening of the traditional LMS (Lietuvos Moksleiviu Sajunga) event: the 2013 of the Winter Forum! This year topic was “What should a school activist know?” Read more »

19th Union of Hungarian High-school Students from Romania (Makosz) General Assembly

makoszThe Union of Hungarian High-school Students from Romania (Makosz) successfully hosted their 19th General Assembly (GA) between the 14th and 16th of December, in Satu Mare together with the SzameDT. It gathered together 65 delegates from 11 different counties. Read more »

GSSUA starts working at policy level

The Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA) invited 300 school student representatives from Student Councils and School Civic Clubs to meet the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia on 12th December 2012. Organizing this meeting was a huge success for GSSUA because they took the first steps towards student participation in the decision-making process in Georgia. Read more »

March for student rights in Bulgaria

Despite the chilly weather in Bulgaria in mid-December, a group of students marched in support of student rights and student representation in decision-making at the local and national level. This march was organised not only to remind decision-makers about student rights, but also to promote the Bulgarian National Student Council.

OBESSU’s “A Manual for School Students” translated into Georgian!

The Georgian School Students Unions’ Alliance (GSSUA) has, after seven months of hard work, launched the Georgian version of OBESSU’s “A Manual for School Students”. Since GSSUA is still a young organization, the Manual is very helpful for newcomers and the whole organization in developing skills and offering knowledge needed in a school student union. Read more »


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VET Campaign News

Trends in VET policies in Europe

CEDEFOP (the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) summarised the Vocational Education and Training (VET ) policies from the past two years into a publication called “Trends in VET policies in Europe 2010-2012 ”. This publication examines the progress made in European policies towards the objectives of the Bruges communiqué (2010). Vocational Education and Training has been discussed widely, but what exactly has been done? Some of the keywords in the trends are skills, attractiveness and quality. Read more...

YOUvet -training for YOUng campaigners for VET starting soon!

The long-waited YOUvet training is just around the corner! On 11th February 2013 the participants from over 10 different countries will get together online to start the training. First four weeks participants will spend learning online and then fly to Brussels to conclude what was learned during the month online and plan the next steps: how to use the new skills and knowledge gained to promote and work for Vocational Education and Training at the national level after the training?
Follow the training through Facebook and Twitter to know what is being discussed!

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Partner News

How is education structured in Europe?

How long does the secondary education last in Finland? How old are students in secondary education in France? These questions about the structure of different European education systems are now answered in the recent publication “The structure of the European education systems 2012/13: schematic diagrams”. Read more »

Debating Europe launched “Debating Europe Schools”

Debating Europe logoIn December OBESSU’s partner organisation Debating Europe launched a new initiative specifically designed to give students the chance to question policy makers, debate with fellow students from other European countries, and learn more about the work of the European Union. This initiative is called “Debating Europe Schools”. Read more »


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