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OBESSU discussing Opening up Education with the EESC

EESC Opening up educationOn 9th of January, OBESSU was invited to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to give inputs on the European Commission’s Opening up Education Communication. The EESC is a consultative body consisting of civil society representatives from different member states and as such they give recommendations to the European Union on a wide range of topics. OBESSU was represented at the session by the Secretary General Rasmus Åberg. Read more »



GSSUA signs memorandum of cooperation with the Parliament of Georgia


memorandum signatureThe Georgian School Student Unions’ Alliance (GSSUA),  together with other successful civil society organisations, signed the memorandum of cooperation with the Parliament of Georgia on December 12th 2013.  For the purpose of consolidating Georgia’s democratic system, the Parliament of Georgia recognises the significance of a dialogue with civil society organisations, such as the GSSUA, and supports their involvement in the implementation of the duties defined by the Constitution and the rules of procedure of the Parliament of Georgia. Read more »

OBESSU part of IGLYO panel on homophobic bullying


IGLYOn the 28th of January IGLYO (International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Youth and Student Organization) launched the results of their research on homophobic and transphobic bullying and access to the labour market. The event took place in the European parliament in Brussels and was co-organized by the Youth Intergroup, the Intergroup on LGBT rights and IGLYO. Read more »


GSSUA organised an online campaign and celebrated Human Rights Day


Campaigns' logoGeorgian School Students Unions’ Alliance (GSSUA) decided to use online tools for celebrating Human Rights Day.  On 10th of December, the member school student councils of GSSUA organised different actions varying from holding a flash mob to organising a workshop on different human rights topics. All those actions were united and gathered together with photos and different visual materials in the online campaign on GSSUA’s Facebook page with the message –“I create CREATIVE SCHOOL” Read more »


Education, we have a problem!

Say What?

KangarooAfter a lovely winter holiday OBESSU is kicking off the next focus within the campaign “Education, we have a problem!”; a focus on immigration, language minorities and religion! Read more...


Signs for a Good Education

The Human Rights Watch launched a new advocacy video on the right to education in sign language for deaf children, in conjunction with a global conference on equality for deaf people.

Say what? – representing language minorities

“Say what?” is what we are asking you this month. No country or community is homogenous. Many school students live in a country in which their mother tongue is not the official language. They belong to a language and a cultural minority. OBESSU is fortunate to have two Member Organisations – MAKOSZ and FSS – representing linguistic minorities in their countries. MAKOSZ proudly represents the Hungarian minority in Romania and FSS the Swedish-speaking Finns in Finland. Read more...

Closing words

From the beginning of 2014 we have continued with the campaign “Education, we have a problem” This month, we tackled the question “Say what?”.
Unfortunately the education systems in Europe and worldwide are not yet ready to accept immigrants, religious or language minorities. What is even more unfortunate is that it is not only school students’ facing these issues, but the exclusion is happening on a larger scale and people are affected on both, personal and professional levels. Being an immigrant or representing a minority might not only make it more difficult for an individual to get quality education or to find a job, but in extreme cases also lead to discrimination and bullying towards them. Read more...

More about the campaign:


Partner News


UNESCO published the annual EFA Global Monitoring Report

The 2013-2014 Education for All Global Monitoring Report “Teaching and learning: Achieving quality for all” was published today, 29th January 2014, by UNESCO. The Report offers a state-of-play view of the global education goals agreed in 2000, and the education of today. Read more »

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