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Call for participants to Study Session “Deport Xenophobia from European Classrooms”

image 2The first OBESSU activity in 2015 will be the Study Session: Deport Xenophobia from European Classrooms, taking place in the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Budapest, Hungary, 22 February – 1 March 2015 (including travel days).
Deadline: 5th December 2014
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PRESS RELEASE: European School Students Mark International Students’ Day

BRUSSELS – On 17th November 2014, school student organisations and higher education student organisations from all over the world once again marked International Students’ Day.

Thousands of students from around the world took different kinds of action, responding to a call launched by the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) and the European Students’ Union (ESU). In this call, we demand an education system free of costs and fees, free of discrimination and free of fear. Many organisations from all over the world who sympathise with the cause have already signed the call. A list of organisations can be found here.

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ResolutionBRATISLAVA – On 30th November 2014, OBESSU Extraordinary General Assembly adopted an urgent resolution in solidarity with Mexican students, teachers and citizens.
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ACTIVATE – OBESSU Study Visit in Latvia

image_3The third Study Visit of 2014 took place in Riga, Latvia between 22nd and 23rd of November. “ACTIVATE – From local to national” is part of the Work Plan 2014 funded by the European Youth Foundation (EYF) of the Council of Europe. Following the previous successful Study Visits in Kosovo (April 2014) and Czech Republic (July 2014), the focus of the two-day training in Latvia was on participation and capacity building, emphasising the importance of having strong links between local and national level. The event, hosted by the Riga Pupil’s Council (RSD) the organisation representing school students in Riga, gathered six school student organisations from all over Latvia. Read more >>>

Youth employment: building a sustainable future

IMG_1204From the 12th to the 14th November young people from all over Europe gathered in Rome to discuss the hot topic of youth employment, tools and strategies to build a sustainable future. The conference was organised by the European Youth Forum (YFJ) in cooperation with the Forum Nazionale Giovani (Italian Youth Council – FNG), in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 
One year after the previous Youth Employment event held in Paris, Member Organisations met to discuss follow-ups in workshops, plenary sessions and panels with experts, focusing on two main strands: Labour market policies and Investing in sustainable growth and job creationRead more >>>

OBESSU reaction to the Education and Training Monitor 2014

reactionOn the 13th of November, the European Commission released the third annual Education and Training Monitor. The Monitor is a collection of statistics in the field of education from the EU’s member states with policy recommendations from the Commission based on these statistics. OBESSU would like to point out its approval of what is stated already in the foreword of the 2014 Monitor: “The purpose of education is to prepare individuals for life and to instil a sense of democratic citizenship; and to do so for all learners, regardless of socio-economic and cultural differences”. This is a welcome shift away from the narrow view, often heard on European education debates, that education is primarily a tool for growth. Read more >>>

Education Week 2014: OBESSU workshop

IMG_0010From the 4th to the 7th of November, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) organised in Brussels a 3-day meeting on the topic of education called “Education Week”. The event was a way for member organisations of YFJ to gather together and discuss the topic of education on three main aspects, with one aspect faced each day: quality in education, skills & employability, and recognition of non-formal education. In this context, as well as attending all the other events, OBESSU ran a workshop called “Education we have a problem! Social inclusion in formal education”. Read more >>>

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OBESSU – The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together Member and Observer organisations from around 20 European countries. All member organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.