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General Assembly in Vienna: the most important OBESSU meeting of 2014!

001 cover page smallFrom 9th-10th August 2014, about 45 representatives from OBESSU’s Member and Candidate Organisations, and from the Board and the Secretariat, attended OBESSU’s General Assembly 2014, hosted by our Member Organisation AKS in Austria.
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Meet the new Board Members of OBESSU!

The last General Assembly of OBESSU held in Vienna on the 9th-10th August 2014 elected three new Board Members of the platform that, together with Luke Shore, will be the Board for the next two years. Do you want to know who are Oona, Giuseppina and Brendan? We’ve asked them to present themselves.
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OBESSU has moved to a new office!

We have movedWe are excited to announce that the OBESSU Secretariat has recently moved to a new office. The new address and telephone number are:

Rue de l’Industrie 10,
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 893 24 14

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Upper secondary school students in Finland launched a campaign against bullying

SLL articleOn Sunday evening Juho Räty, a Finnish student from Tampere, told how he acted in a case of bullying, because he did not want to take part in silent acceptance any longer – witnessing bullying without intervening in it. This story has now spread via social media and reached tens of thousands of Finns.
The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland (SLL) wishes to encourage others to act like Räty. A campaign #kutsumua (#callmethis in English) was brainstormed on Wednesday and today it was launched to invite everyone to take a stand and build an atmosphere of acceptance, where everyone is seen for what they really are. The campaign has spread like wildfire in social media. Read more >>>

How to start summing up two full years as a Board Member of OBESSU?

Board 2012-2014The mandate of these five long-serving school student activists started in early summer 2012 when a new OBESSU Board was elected. We had a hard act to follow and were, of course, full of ideas on how to strengthen the platform, on what should be introduced, what should be changed. Read more >>>

EU Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving: Video of the Final Report

The Thematic Working Group on Early School Leaving was initiated by the European Commission and brought together Member States and stakeholders such as OBESSU in order to produce policy recommendations for bringing the rate of early school leaving (ESL) down to 10% or below by the year 2020. The final report with policy recommendations was presented in November 2013 and now the Commission has produced a video with key messages from the report. It is noticeable that several of OBESSU’s proposed amendments, many of them focusing on creating an inclusive learning environment and to listen to the voices of young people, are included in the report.     Read more >>>

I am a part of Europe!

LIT 3On the 28th-30th July of 2014 the Lithuanian School Student Union had an international project called “I am a part of Europe” funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.
40 active volunteers of LMS, board and bureau members, together with representatives from ISSU (Craig McHugh), SUS  (Sara Solarova) and ASuBiH (Rijana Jusufbegovic) were discussing different topics important for youth organisations and the future of European school students. Read more >>>

Southern European Summer University: youth autonomy and youth empowerment.

What are the key rights for ensuring autonomy to young people? Which are the barriers that young people nowadays face to accessing those key rights? What is the role of the EU in monitoring the access of those rights?From the 29th to the 2nd of August OBESSU, together with several representatives of the Member Organisations of the European Youth Forum, met in Alghero, Italy, to take part in the Summer University organised by the Italian Youth Council (Forum Nazionale Giovani). Read more >>>

ACTIVATE – OBESSU Study Visit in Prague

1 aThe second OBESSU Study Visit of 2014 took place in Prague, Czech Republic at the beginning of July. As with the previous Study Visit in Kosovo, the aim of the workshop was to explore social inclusion in school student organisations. As with the previous activity in Kosovo, we also got to know the hosting organisation better. This time it was hosted by OBESSU’s Czech Candidate Organisation Česká středoškolská unie (CSU). Read more >>>

Homophobic and transphobic school bullying: how to face the problem?

logoIn the wake of two previous OBESSU’s activities, a joint study session with IGLYO tackling homophobic and transphobic bullying and a campaign raising awareness on issues of social inclusion in education called “Education, we have a problem”, OBESSU took part in the Conference on tackling homophobic and transphobic school bullying, which took place in Athens between 10th and 11th of June. Read more >>>

OBESSU welcomes a new Communication and Membership Officer!

Giorgio TessadriSince the beginning of July 2014, we have a new Communication and Membership Officer in the OBESSU Secretariat in Brussels. His name is Giorgio Tessadri and he is originally from Italy. Giorgio received his MA in International Studies – Human Rights from the University of Turin and his BFA from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence. He has planned and implemented several artistic projects and activities within the youth sector for the last 8 years. Furthermore, he has been active in the European Federation for Intercultural Learning – EFIL. Read more >>>

Online platform for Romanian school students

wedu Acces to information has to be an important issue for each generation of the National Students Council and so it is in Romania, where, except social networks and an official website, we communicate with people all over the country through the educational platform called, open for everyone interested in this field. Founded in 2010, Wedu aims to provide school students with opportunities to learn how to participate active in the community life, how to communicate the results of their work, how to attract resources, people and institutions, providing opportunities for their ideas. Read more >>>

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OBESSU – The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together Member and Observer organisations from around 20 European countries. All member organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.