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Call for Pool of Trainers!

OBESSU is now opening a call for additional members to the existing pool of trainers!

Deadline for applications is 5th January 2014 (midnight CET). For more information
read more »


School Students Reject Distorted PISA Assessments

OBESSU No PISA GraphicOn the occasion of the international results presentation of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2012, the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), the platform for school students in Europe, hereby expresses its concerns about the alarming tendency to rely on standardised tests for the assessment of student performance and subsequently of national educational systems. Read more »


Toolkit for INGYOs involved in Structured Dialogue is on its way!


SD meetingIt may seem like the Christmas holidays are almost here and everyone has stopped working, but the Structured Dialogue and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations (INGYOs) decided to ignore it and prove the opposite! Read more »


OBESSU Members go international!


Group pictureBrussels, 8th-13th December 2013 – OBESSU Member Organisations’ International Officers got together to build up their skills on working on European level at the 8th OBESSU Training Course for International Officers. The training course featured a panel on the topic of “Education in the 21st century” where main European stakeholders expressed their views on current trends in education and the ways they reshape education today. Read more »


Education, we have a problem!

Is there room?

Elephqnt During this cold and snowy month OBESSU is moving on to the next topic of the campaign “Education, we have a problem!”: “Is there room?”. This topic deals with the challenges the educational systems face regarding disabilities, mental health issues and ways of learning. Read more...


Wish list for 2014

EWHAP wish list


More about the campaign:

Claim Your Voice!
VET Campaign News

NUS & OBESSU – working together for apprenticeships

photoApprenticeships and the development of the National Society of  Apprentices were the topics bringing together NUS and the OBESSU’s Working Group on VET in the beginning of December, when OBESSU visited the NUS Headquarters in London. Read more...


Thank you!

On the 31st December 2013 the campaign "Claim your Voice! Stand up for VET!" will officially be over. The past two years have been full of actions, development and discussions about VET inside OBESSU and at the European level.
Claim your Voice! will leave social media, but the website will stay open for you to return anytime for information or inspiration. In January 2014 you will be able to find the final report and evaluation of the campaign there.
We would like to thank everyone for the support and commitment during the campaign!


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