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New OBESSU Board: handover meeting!

 The new OBESSU Board had its first meeting and a Handover meeting with the former Board in Brussels! Check out the Video Report: 



OBESSU attends roundtable on "Erasmus for All"

Mrs Katarina Nevedalova, MEP for S&D, organised a round table at the European Parliament on 5 June 2012 inviting policymakers, civil society, social partners and other key stakeholders to reflect upon the Commission’s draft proposal on the new funding programme “Erasmus for all” and especially its accessibility. Some important points were also discussed like the disappearance of operating grants for European networks. OBESSU Secretary General Viviana Galli represented the European Secondary School Students in the meeting. Read more »

“Nothing About us, Without us”

At the end of May, the Council of Europe held a Consultative Meeting on the Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in the Youth Activities at the European Youth Centre in Budapest (EYCB). Two participants  were  also present at the OBESSU Study Session “Special Needs: education, participation and social inclusion” in March: Delphine le Maire (EUDY) who was a prep-team member at the OBESSU Study Session, and Raluca Popescu (Ceva de Spus). Check out the pictures  on 


Claim Your Voice! VET Campaign News

Contribute to the Claim Your Voice Campaign blog

Our Claim Your Voice Campaign blog welcomes contributions! If you want to write about a VET-related topic, send your article to our VET Officer Tiia! The length and shape of the posts if free, as long as it concerns VET on some level (also apprenticeships/traineeships/other parts of VET are accepted as topics). Besides texts, also videos and pictures are welcome! 

Also, spread this call in your network so we have  a variety of authors blogging about VET: decision-makers, school student activists and chairs, trainers, students, etc. [Read more...]

First blog post: Quality and attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training

By: Jukka Gustafsson, Minister of Education and Science, Finland
Quality management of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Finland is firmly based on legislation, the steering system of education, and the operation of education providers. The quality assurance system of Vocational Education and Training comprises three main parts which are: national education policy steering (including the Education and … [Read more...]

Partner News

Advisory Council on Youth presents Action Plan 2012 -2013

The Advisory Council on Youth (AC) of the Council of Europe is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks who provide opinions and input on all youth sector activities. Former OBESSU Board member Ivica Alpeza is a member of the AC on behalf of OBESSU. They defined their priorities for the mandate from 2012-2013. Read more in their first newsletter and find the AC on Read more »

Not investing in youth costs us 100 billion euro per year

On 28th and 29th June, European Union leaders met for a crucial summit to decide on the lines of the next EU budget. The European Youth Forum, of which OBESSU is a member organisation, called upon our European policy makers to make the right choices for Europe at the upcoming European Council meeting. Europe must invest in youth! Read more »

“Inequality in access to education is an obstacle to fight poverty” says new ILO report

The International Labour Organisation has released its “World of Work Report 2012” entitled this year “Better jobs for a better economy”. This edition tackles jobs quality, employment protection and growth in a context of slow recovery of the global economy. Inequalities in access to education around the world are mentioned as factors of continuous income inequality and obstacles to growth and fight against poverty. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund estimate that 350 000 more students will fail to complete primary school in 2015 due to the recent crisis.

New website to tackle crisis in education

Faced to the likely failure of the Millennium Development Goal for Education by 2015, Education International, the world’s largest federation of unions with thirty million education employees, defends more public investment for quality education across the world in response to the economic crisis. Education International has for that purpose launched an online platform for advocacy and dissemination of resources. Visit the new website for news, publications, events and much more!

Get involved in the largest public consultation ever!

Europe Day was the occasion for the European Commission to launch the largest public consultation ever on European citizens’ rights. Until 9 September 2012, you can give your views on your rights as an EU citizen or express the position of your organisation on the topic.

Upcoming Events

*July 31th-August 7th, 2012: 3rd European School Student Summer School "Share your Skills" in Mollina, Spain.  Find this event on !

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