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OBESSU reaction to Rethinking Education Communication

The European Commission’s Communication Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes aims at offering European decision-makers and citizens the opportunity to challenge the current education systems. OBESSU believes that it is fundamental and very much needed to review our education paradigms and to invest in European citizens’ present and future. Read the full reaction »

Extended Deadline for the Study Session “Participation and Democracy: a legal framework for school student rights”

The new deadline is 7th March midnight (CET).
The call for participants for the Study Session “Participation and Democracy: a legal framework for school student rights” has been EXTENDED! The Study Session will take place at the European Youth Center in Budapest, Hungary from 7th to 14th of April 2013.
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Do I learn outside the classroom? Validation of non-formal learning by Dr. Manuel Souto

Discussions about policy evaluation should come with a warning, because under the rubric ‘evaluation’ many different kinds of studies are included. Although one of the central purposes of evaluation is to improve policy and practice, evaluations may be more or less independent, rigorous, useful, or used. Evaluation is different, but related to, monitoring. While monitoring refers to the systematic collection of information regarding particular aspects, an evaluation provides an assessment of the situation, and hopefully a way to improve things! Read more »



A message to the European Commission and the Council of Europe: Education is the only way of beating the crisis!

The Youth Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission invited OBESSU to present our stance on the impacts the financial crisis is having on education and present our manifesto for overcoming the crisis. Our message was strong – only education, but not just any education, is the answer to the crisis! Read more »

News from the Study Session prep-team

The preparatory team of the OBESSU 2013 Study Session “Participation and Democracy: a legal framework for school student rights” met for the first time in Budapest between the 9-10 February. The prep-team consists of Ida Kreutzman and Dejan Bojanic (OBESSU Board), Alba Maria Serrano Sanchez (CANAE), Viktor Lorange (SIF), Zsofia Gaudi (OBESSU Pool of Trainers) as well as Zara Lavchyan, Council of Europe trainer. Read more »

The League of Young Voters: youth views for the upcoming 2014 European Parliament elections

The League of Youth Voters is an initiative by several international partners which will be officially launched in May 2013. From 31st of January till 2nd of February 21 representatives of National Youth Councils and 17 representatives of International Youth Organisations met in Brussels for a capacity-building event. OBESSU was represented by Simonas Seskis from LMS, member of the newly established working group European Parliament Elections Platform ‘School Students’ Europe 2019.
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OBESSU's Share your Skills Toolkit is online

Click here to find the Toolkit.
From the 31st July to the 7th August 2012 OBESSU held its 3rd Summer School entitled “Share your Skills” in Spain. The Summer School was based on the fact that OBESSU’s Member and Observer organisations have a very diverse, deep and remarkable expertise developed through their work, passion, activism and creativity. Everyone had the chance to hold a workshop at the Summer School and it was decided to make an online toolkit with the Workshops held in Spain!
The first sessions are already online and more is to follow. We invite you to download and re-use these sessions freely!
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Claim Your Voice!
VET Campaign News

First weeks of YOUVET training for YOUng campaigners for VET are behind!

The training, started on 11th February, has gathered around twenty active school students from all around Europe online during the past three weeks. During the first three weeks the participants have discussed, debated and learned about different European VET policies and stakeholders, apprenticeship systems, investments in VET, participation, representation and involvement of school students, the relationship between VET and labour market and quality Vocational Education and Training. Now it is time to dive into the world of campaigning for the last week until on 8th March the participants and OBESSU's Working Group on VET will meet in Brussels for the YOUVET on-site training.
Follow the training through Facebook and Twitter to know what is being discussed!

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Partner News


The European Council reached agreement on the Youth Guarantee Recommendation

The European-wide Youth Guarantee took a step forward, as on the 28th February, the European Council reached a political agreement on the Youth Guarantee Recommendation presented by the European Commission in December 2012. Read more »


An Insufficient EU Budget for Youth Programmes

image.jpgOn 7th and 8th February the European Council gathered to negotiate about the Multiannual Financial Framework. Read more about how it affects the future of European education and youth policy.

New report on annual taught time in compulsory education

A new Eurydice report Recommended annual taught time in full-time compulsory education in Europe  reveals facts about the teaching time during compulsory education in schools in Europe. Read more »


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