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Second edition
17now - International Day of Students


Second edition


Thank you!


This year, OBESSU’s main target of the International Day of Students was to get our members and students all over Europe active. By holding a one-month long online initiative, we tried to make our members aware of this upcoming day, and inspired them to take action! This action and collective effort is important since regrettably, in many schools and among many young people, this day is still unknown. We want to change that. We want this day to be remembered, and we want school students to see the opportunity they have to demand things together. Hopefully, today more school students than before are claiming their rights on a national level all over Europe. In OBESSU we are excited to see the results of these actions and we are very happy that we have the honor to share them with you!  Apart from that, in this newsletter you can have one more look at what we focused on during our initiative: you can read about what OBESSU looked like in 80’s or about the situation in the other parts of the world. 

OBESSU wants to thank everyone who took action on the International Day of Students and we want to thank everyone who made sure that this day was not forgotten. We also want to thank everyone who supported our online initiative and therefore made people aware of this important day. It is up to us, the students, to stand for our rights and let our voice be heard, all year long and not just on !

See all the pictures of the online initiative in the album in Facebook. and check out hashtag #17now in Twitter to find out what was tweeted about the International Day of Students.

As a part of the online initiative students from all around Europe sent us their own 17now videos. Check-out the 17now video and what student activists did in Europe:

The European secondary school students’ movement in the mid-1980’s

Written by Roger Hällhag, Secretary General of OBESSU from 1984 to 1986
The value of school students having real influence over education and life at school. The right and practical possibilities to organise our own democratic representation. Solidarity with students suffering repressive education or exclusion from education. Winning acceptance for those basic ideas were the main tasks in my days as a school student activist. The tool to give life to these principles was to organise ourselves – also across borders – and by doing that, spreading ideas and practices. READ MORE >>

What happened in Mumbai?

In January 2004 thousands of people gathered in Mumbai, India, for the 4th World Social Forum. Social movements from all around the world meet to discuss about peace, social justice and environmental responsibility. In that context a World Student Assembly took place. READ MORE >>

17th November 2012

International Day of Students in Brussels

On 17th November, the International Day of Students, the Fédération des Etudiants Francophones (FEF), together with other national and international student organisations organised an event to celebrate and raise awareness of the International Day of Students in Brussels, Belgium.  OBESSU was there to represent European school students.  READ MORE >>

Video from the event by the Fédération des Etudiants Francophones (FEF) can be seen here.

17now in Spain

Spanish student organisations developed some initiatives on the International Day of Students. Confederación Estatal de Asociaciones de Estudiantes CANAE, with FADAE and UDECA – two regional student organisations –, published a manifesto titled For an education that listens to us, the students. READ MORE >>

MAKOSZ for the International Students’ Day
The financial crisis has brought on perceptible difficulties to high school students.  The price tags are getting higher and higher every day. It is quite hard to understand why public transport costs a so high for students, or why cultural activities are so expensive. If culture and education are the basis of a brighter future, then why are they so hard to attain? READ MORE >>

17now in Slovakia
ŠUS – Stredoškolská študentská únia Slovenska – celebrated the International Students’ Day in Sereď, one of our Slovak cities, where a great event was held. This action was oriented to improve the environment we live in and to redesign bus stops by student artists. READ MORE >>

17now in Iceland

On the 17th of November, the International Day of Students, SÍF – Samband Íslenskra Framhaldsskólanema hosted a reception, both to celebrate 17 NOW and the Union’s 5th birthday. READ MORE >>

17now in Estonia

On the 17th of November ESCU (Eesti Õpilasesinduste Liit) spread the message of the International Students’ Day all over Estonia. A few days before the date, posters demanding students voice to be acknowledged were posted all over the country. READ MORE >>

Poem for 17th November

School student activist Kaj Jež from OBESSU's Member Organisation Dijaška Organizacija Slovenije (DOS), wrote a poem for the International Day of Students.  Read the poem here >>

The struggle in Luxembourg

UNEL (Union nationale des èléves et étudiant(e)s du Luxembourg) has, since its creation in 1920, fought for what it perceived as right and ameliorative. Considering the long history of school student representation in Luxembourg the current situation in our country seems incomprehensible. READ MORE >>

Stories from the Philippines

Students with disabilities currently enrolled in general education classes in public elementary schools in Negros Oriental, Philippines, express their thoughts about their education, and share their appreciation and tribute to schools and teachers who have been very dedicated and passionate especially in accommodating those with special needs in their respective classes. READ MORE >>


This is the OBESSU Special Newsletter about 17now - International Day of Students.


OBESSU – The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together member and observer organisations from more than 20 European countries. All member organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.

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