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Sarah Dejaegher
Communication and Administration Assistant

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What is VET really like?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) students do not enjoy the same social standing as students in academic education. This is clearly shown in the results from OBESSU’s survey on VET (see here the Infographics), conducted among its member and observer organisations. This survey was completed by representatives from 14 out of 21 countries that OBESSU’s members reside in. The survey displays some immediate problems with VET as it is today; problems that transcend differences in systems and countries. Read more »

Call for prep-team members: “Art and Sport as Catalysts for Social Inclusion” conference

OBESSU is now opening the call for prep-team members for the conference ”Art and Sport as Catalysts for Social Inclusion” which will take place in Copenhagen (Denmark), from the 21st to 25th May 2012. 

The deadline is 4th March 2012 – midnight (CET).

The conference wants to analyse the ways that art, sports and creativity both within and outside of schools can contribute to better intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, participation, overcoming differences, promoting acceptance of diversity and fostering equality among young people.  Read more »


OBESSU's Manual for School Students

This book has been written to introduce school students to the work of a school student union with all its different aspects; from the birth to the rooting, from economic management to organizing of events, from students’ leadership and motivation to media-handling and rethoric. The purpose of this work is to encourage student activism and to facilitate the birth and the growth of the student movements whose existence is always threatened by inexperience and lack of information and knowlegde.

*OBESSU has uploaded the Minutes of the 6th Council of Members, held in Oslo, Norway in December 2011.


Members News

SUS logs out, comes back to reality and gets media coverage!

The international day without internet is ‘celebrated’ since 2001 thanks to the Global Ideas Bank which came up with this event. Internet users are encouraged to avoid  internet on the last Sunday in January.  This year, on 29th of January, OBESSU’s Slovakian member organisation Stredoškolská študentská únia Slovenska (SUS) supported this event with a campaign which was promoted on SUS’s website, magazine and on FacebookRead more »

AKS events: Sisters unite!’ and ‘Raise your voice!’

OBESSU’s Austrian member, the Aktion Kritische SchülerInnen (AKS), has organised a seminar to encourage young female students to develop their skills. The seminar was called “Sisters unite!” and welcomed over 50 participants. Currently, AKS is preparing its biggest event under the motto “Raise your Voice!” and will bring over 250 student representatives from all over Austria together.  Read more »

The GSSUA is going full speed ahead!

Representatives of OBESSU’s new Georgian contact organisation, the Georgian School Students Unions Alliance (GSSUA), visited the region Khashuri on the 31st of January. They held an interesting workshop on student rights and iniatives and introduced the GSSUA, its projects, aims and accomplishments to the students of Khashuri. Read more » 
On saturday the 25th of February, the Georgian School Students Alliance (GSSUA), was invited to the Civic Education Teachers Forum. The representative of the alliance, Sulkhan Chargeishvili, made a presentation about how the alliance was created and good practice in teaching civic education. Also, he emphasized exactly how important it is for teachers to support students and make sure they are actively involved in school life and use their civic education in real life. Read more »

Partner News

Key Data on Education in Europe 2012

The Eurydice Network launched Key Data on Education in Europe 2012. The report contains 95 indicators that provide a comprehensive picture of the organisation, management and functioning of 37 education systems in Europe. It also traces the main developments in education over the last decade. Read more »

EU at risk of teacher shortage

An important finding of the report “Key Data on Education in Europe 2012” by the Eurydice Network are the growing teacher shortages. Several Member States, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium, may face serious teacher shortages in the future. Read more »

EU sees slow progress in lowering school drop-out rates

The report: “Education and Training in a smart sustainable and inclusive Europe”, published at the end of December 2011 by the Council of the European Union and theEuropean Commission, has found that EU Member States are making slow progress towards achieving the European 2020 target to reduce early school leaving rates to below 10%. Read more »

EU Education Ministers call for Education and Training to fight youth unemployment

The first meeting of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council of the EU during the Danish Presidency took place on 10th of February. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how education and training can contribute to fighting youth unemployment in the EU. Read more »

UN releases World Youth Report 2011

On the 6th of February the United Nations Focal Point on Youth released the 2011 World Youth Report, which explores the transition of young people from education and training into the labour market. This year’s report is special because for the first time, the findings come straight from youth themselves. The report found that young people are most worried about the lack of job opportunities, insufficient government investment, and the quality and relevance of their education. Read more »

Call for projects for the European Drug Prevention Prize

The European Drug Prevention Prize is awarded every 2 years to drug prevention projects that fully involve young people, either in the development and implementation of activities, the decision-making, the project management and/or the evaluation. The Prize 2012 will be awarded at the end of the year 2012. The deadline for submission of projects is 30 March 2012Read more »

UNESCO promotes respect and tolerance in the classroom

Teaching Respect for All”, a joint initiative by UNESCO-USA-Brazil, was launched on the 18th of January. This project aims to design a framework to fight racism and promote tolerance, which countries can adapt to their respective contexts and needs. Read more »

Call for research: Inclusion of young people marginalised by early school leaving and unemployment

The Foundation P&V has launched a far-reaching project that aims to bring together the most recent and relevant scientific knowledge on the inclusion of young people marginalised by early school leaving and unemployment. The deadline for submitting articles is on the 30th of June. Read more in the call for scientific contributionsRead more »

Online training course on intercultural dialogue

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe organises a Global Education on-line training course on intercultural dialogue from the 12th of March til the 15the of April. This global education online learning course is designed for education practitioners, social workers, civil society, youth activists, as well as policy and decision makers, local authorities and intercultural cities. It provides an overview on why intercultural education is needed, what it means and how it can be improved in relation to the context of a globalised world and local needs. The deadline for applying is the 2nd of March!

Upcoming Events

*March 4th-11th, 2012Study Session "Special Needs": education, participation and social inclusion at the European Youth Centre in Budapest.

*May 19th-20th, 2012: OBESSU General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark.

*May 21th-25th, 2012: Conference "Art & Sport as Catalysts for Social Inclusion" in Copenhagen, Denmark.

*July 31th-August 7th, 2012Summer School "Share your Skills" in Mollina, Spain.

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