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OBESSU General Assembly coming up!

OBESSU hereby has the pleasure to invite you to the General Assembly of OBESSU that will take place in Estonia on 27th and 28th July 2013 which will be followed by the Summer School “Learn to Change”.
General Assemblies are an occasion for OBESSU to shape its views, actions and plans according to the changes that educational systems face all over Europe as well as the new challenges the school student movement faces today. We hereby invite your organisation to attend the General Assembly 2013! Read more »



New OBESSU campaign coming soon!

Taskforce groupIn the framework of the Work Plan 2013-2014 OBESSU has now started to plan a campaign that will focus on social inclusion in education. In order to make the work on the campaign as efficient and close to school reality as possible, a Taskforce has been set up. Jana Šikorská (ŠUS, Slovakia), Sophie Isabelle Stistrup Worrall (DGS, Denmark), Steffen Krogsgaard Andersen (LH, Denmark), Judith Caeyers (VSK, Belgium) and Alba María Serrano Sánchez (CANAE, Spain) are the activists from our member organisations who will work on planning and implementing the campaign in cooperation with the OBESSU Board member Ida and Dasa. Read more »

Why OBESSU went to Vilnius

EUCIS-LLLOn the 14th to 15th of May the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) organised their Annual Conference and General Assembly in Vilnius, Lithuania, the next country to have the EU presidency OBESSU, as a member of EUCIS-LLL, joined the event to represent the school students of Europe. Read more »

European Year of Citizens Alliance – EYCA plenary meeting

logo_eycaOn the 6th of May, OBESSU took part in a plenary meeting of EYCA in Brussels. What is EYCA and what was on the agenda of the meeting? Read more »

Active month for Bulgarian School Student Union

BulgariaThe period from the end of April to mid-May was very dynamic and full of activities for the Union of school students in Bulgaria. Bulgarian school students had the opportunity to participate in various interactive events to develop their responsibility and leadership qualities. Read more »


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VET Campaign News

VET for all

VET4all On 8th May 2013 the European Agency of Development in Special Needs Education launched the European study called “Vocational Educational and Training: What works, why it works and how it works for young learners with disabilities and/or special education needs”. Read more...

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Partner News

International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia

RAINBOWTo mark the International day against Homophobia and Transphobia on 17th May, the European Parliament published an infographic today on the discrimination and harassment of the LGBT population in the European Union and Croatia. On the same day, the UN Human Rights Office released a video with a strong message:  “LGBT rights are human rights. Together we will build a world that is free and equal.” Read more »


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OBESSU – The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions is the platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. It was founded in April 1975 in Dublin, Ireland and brings together Member and Observer organisations from more than 20 European countries. All member organisations are independent, national, representative and democratic school student organisations.

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