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Warped #105. First things first, there are still a few seats left at next Monday's Warped Session #2 in Vilvoorde (Brussels) with Ewan McIntosh. And specially for you there's a reduction, use code WARPEDSUBS. That will give you one hour of inspiration about creative innovation & design thinking from Ewan for just 10 EUR. What.Are.You.Waiting.For? Unless you live a few thousand miles away of course.

In other news - Need a killer insight? Want to be the all knowing expert strategist in a meeting? Here's the Douchebag Strategist bot for all your needs. And if you have time left check out Stalkscan where you can see everything you want of any closed Facebook profile. And in the meantime tune in on Climatune, so you can hear the songs London listens to when it rains. Or watch the interesting new video series created by Max Joseph on Vero, with the first episode being "Do you need to be a dick to be a great leader?".

And last but not least: thank you! The opening rate of this newsletter is reaching new heights: 51,7% last week! That's beyond awesome.


- data review -

Each design in the Audiographa project is a graphic representation of a song’s accessibility, and imagines each song as an object defined by its attributes. 

- inspiration -

PayPal launches Slack bot for peer-to-peer payments. Pay up to $10,000 in a single transaction... if you wish.

My dead best friend is now a chatbot. Determined not to lose the memory of her friend, Eugenia Kuyda gathered all the texts her friend sent over his short life and made a chatbot – with those text messages.

Librarians take up arms against fake news - help students become smarter evaluators of the information that floods into their lives.

This hyperlapse around the world was created with 3.305 Google Maps screenshots

Why the secret to productivity isn’t longer hours

Why we don’t have an exit strategy. Faris & Rosie Yakob look back at the second year of their Genius Steals & their third Nomadiversary.
ZTE’s Axon 7 just became the cheapest Daydream VR phone.
New dating app ‘Sapio’ matches singles based on their intelligence level. 
Pinterest introduces intelligent visual discovery with ‘Lens’.
Jack by Podo Labs. A clever device that turns any headphones wireless.
A small but powerful lens that gives the iPhone 7/7+ camera a real boost.
Google Maps now lets you organize your favorite places into shareable lists.
"Every single thing I do is trying to find out about something so that I can understand it. And I only do it to the depth where it satisfies my desire to understand."

--- Words I can relate to from Richard Saul Wurman
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