The New Year is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the year behind us and to make plans and promises for the year ahead. 

We at the BHA have had a fantastic 2014, with a lot to be grateful for in our work in education, our resources for schools, our pastoral care volunteers programme, and right across our ceremonies network. It's also been a year with more visibility than ever for our campaigning work, balancing public debate with humanist perspectives on ethical and political issues. 

That's not to mention the incredible joy of hosting the World Humanist Congress, which brought together humanists from all over the world and dozens of brilliant speakers to drill down into our chosen theme of freedom of thought and expression.

There's still plenty to do in 2015, and moving into an election year, we will be busier than ever before. Our campaigns on things like stopping 'faith' schools, changing the law on assisted dying, and our work to secure legal humanist marriages, are all going at full steam as we slide into the new year, and, though it won't be easy, we hope these campaigns will continue to gain traction as we progress through 2015.

And if you're really stumped for ideas for resolutions this New Year's Eve, one I'd suggest is joining the BHA if you haven't already and helping us do even more to pursue our goal of ensuring a secular state without discrimination. This is a year with everything to play for, and not only does joining the BHA infuse the organisation with vigour and stamina, but your membership is a financial contribution which helps us to campaign hard, day-in, day-out, for the kind of society we would all like to to live in.

But what I really wanted to say was this: have a great night tonight and enjoy yourselves. Whether you're going to a party, staying in with friends, or taking a restful evening to read a book or watch the television on your own, think back on a 2014 of ups and downs but still, a-million-and-one reasons to celebrate that improbable yet marvelous fact that you are alive in a world of such wonder and beauty, friendship and love.  

From me and everyone at the BHA: Happy New Year!
Jim Al-Khalili
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