Doctors Wash

The common complaint about doctors at the June APIC conference was that they don't practice good hand hygiene. Many of the doctors we speak with AGREE! And you, the Infection Preventionists, are expected to serve up the solution.

It's a Mini-Series
This is the first Take5 in a series of 3 on improving the hand hygiene of physicians. It starts with a few success stories from your peers and a video sequence from Doctor Dan Perrault, our advisor on physician behavior. In November's Take5 we side with the doctors to challenge unrealistic standards and in January join us for the "Doctors Do It" challenge.

It Starts with One
Good and bad behaviors are learned. We watch and follow the lead of the individuals we respect. Are the actions of your doctors raising or lowering hand hygiene compliance? What about your own actions? In this video Doctor Dan Perrault gives advice you can share with nurses, patients and physicians.

It Takes a Team
You may have the title of Infection Preventionist, but every caregiver has the job to prevent infection. Listen to how the Vital Behaviors, A Horse Race and Red Rule programs engaged everyone in these hospitals.

Doctors are Human
If doctors don't do it patients can die. If nurses don't do it patients can die. Is all that's needed is for someone to "speak up" and for those reminded to say "thank you"?

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