Here Comes October

Both Global Handwashing Day (15th) and International Infection Prevention Week (16th-22nd) feature in the October 2011 calendar. These events present at good opportunity to focus on patient safety. The Handwashing Games are easy to run and great fun.

It's a Competition!
The Games can be used to engage individuals, teams and caregiver disciplines in a competition to improve both handwashing and sanitizing skills. Identify & recognize the person, the unit and the discipline with the best hand hygiene skills in your organization.

Bragging Rights for Winners
Caregivers are competitors and the Games bring out their competitive spirit. The chance to win increases participation, builds team spirit and, most importantly, improves hygiene skills. Celebrate your best performers by recognizing their skills in your internal publications, emails and intranet.

We Said it Was Easy
You probably have everything you need to conduct the Games. If not, here are the links to what’s needed to plan, promote and conduct The Handwashing Games.

More Bragging Rights
Send us a photo of your winners and/or a link to the You Tube video of your event. We will post it for the world to see at

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