Take 1
CareReady™ Hands are those that are safe for patient contact at the Point-of-Care (POC) because they have been properly washed and/or sanitized.
Take 2
Splash & Dash" and "Rub & Run" are prime causes of cross contamination and nosocomial infections in healthcare.
Take 3
Compromised Compliance! Shortcut hand hygiene behavior is a common practice among caregivers; sometimes from ignorance, but most often from a poor assessment of their risk for patient contamination.
Take 4
Visualize the Risk. Overcome bad hand hygiene decisions by visualizing the impact of poor practices. Share "Splash & Dash" and "Rub & Run" videos and then randomly test caregiver skills with GlitterBug®.
Take 5
Personalize Standards. Every hand is unique. Some hands are hard to wash. A 20 second wash is a good norm but, for many, CareReady™ hands require more time and effort. Use visualization to personalize what "safe" hands are for every caregiver.

Posters: Display this poster at Caregiver handwash stations.

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