The Norovirus Readiness
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Train now. Cut risk. Cut absenteeism.

Increased absenteeism heralds in the Norovirus-Cold-Flu season every year. The British designation for this period is gaining some traction on this side of the pond, not for its scientific bearing but rather its descriptive outcome - The Winter Vomiting Disease. It is perhaps in keeping with their general tone of civility that they chose to acknowledge that end of the body’s explosive gastric exits. 

This is a season calling for hyper-hand hygiene as all three of these viruses are primarily spread by contaminated hands.

1. Get GlitterBugged … and expose the invisible risk to the unsuspecting food worker. How many of your staff are new to your payroll since last noro-season? Change behaviors by visualizing and personalizing with the ProGrade training system.

2. Get VF'd … by replacing all public hand sanitizer stations with Purell VF-481, the choice of leading cruise liners and casino resorts for control of norovirus.

3. Get TouchReady®ed … by killing norovirus on high-touch surfaces in 30 seconds with Purell Spray.

4. Get Doubled ... by doubling the cleaning around the nail beds, washing with this fused bristle nailbrush.
 … or by following up a soap-water wash with an application of hand sanitizer.

5. Get Long … scrub times beyond the Food Code minimums to increase effectiveness on norovirus.

6. Get Washing … by first selecting the right regimen for your various situations and tolerance for risk. 

Use non-antibac soaps to simply remove the viral contaminants. Removal tops killing. For added cleaning power without harsh chemicals, try this new offering:

For best results follow a good handwash with an FDA compliant hand sanitizer. 

7. Get Cored … by improving handwashing technique.

8. Get Gloved … Freshly changed clean gloves over clean hands provide an added barrier and signal to customers your professional standard.

9. Get Coded & Kitted … Check out the Food Code 2-501.11 Clean-up of Vomiting and Diarrheal Events. Then get this kit:

10. Get More … perspective on defeating norovirus by reading this summary article:

Next Take 5 edition will focus on norovirus control by motivating better and more frequent handwashing with the latest technology in electronic faucets designed for kitchens and foodservice restrooms, two common harbors for norovirus.

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