TouchReady™ refers to common touch surfaces that pose minimal risk for hand contamination because they have been properly cleaned and kept clean. Contaminated surfaces are the refueling station that spread pathogens to hands. This presentation demonstrates the risk posed by dirty surfaces and the benefits of real-time cleaning to reduce this risk. Use it to get managers and staff on board.

Identify the Dirty Dozen
Not all surfaces are equal in risk for contamination. Engage your Infection Control Committee in this process to identify the "Dirty Dozen" at risk surfaces in patient rooms and nursing stations.

Clean to sight & touch is not good enough!
A visual standard for clean is critical. Put an ATP monitor in your tool box. ATP quantifies the presence of organic contamination and establishes a "visual" standard for clean.

Real-Time cleaning
Use disposable wipes to control surface contamination between environmental cleanings. Hand friendly products that don't require gloving increase usage and are ideal for use by both caregivers and patients to lower POC contact risk.

Gain Commitment
Use this approach to gain commitment of management, caregiver, environmental staff and patients to real-time cleaning and "TouchReady™" surfaces.

Monitor Performance
One simple and one low cost method of tracking real-time cleaning performance.

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