Take 1
Take5 is a program to help Infection Preventionists improve the quality and frequency of hand & surface hygiene. Our objective is to challenge the status quo, encourage debate and to provide processes, tools and techniques to improve compliance. Debate & dialogue is welcome.

Take 2
Observation Doesn’t Work. This widespread method of measuring and tracking performance is not good enough and everyone knows it. Self reporting is always overstated as perceptions cloud reality. Secret observation is marginally better but falls short of accuracy required.

Take 3
Stop Trying So Hard: Caregivers won't practice proper hand hygiene every time in every place. Get them to perform where it really counts. Identify the critical control points (CCP) and push hard for 100% compliance at these locations:

Take 4
100%: At all CCPs track every entry and every exit by every person. Yes you can. Get started at a few CCPs. Expand as results lower HAI.
• Ask us about in/out compliance monitoring research opportunities

Take 5
Posters: Print and display the following posters at the indicated CCP.

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