Combating Cross Contamination

The spread of an HAI in healthcare can be directly linked to cross contamination between the hands of caregivers and the common touch surfaces they contact.  This Take5 release links to tools and techniques you will find helpful to reduce the risk.  
Visualize how cross contamination occurs to improve caregiver understanding of the problem.  Show this 20-second animation to caregivers.  It depicts how a pathogen spreads in a six POD NICU during an 8-hour shift.  Caregivers are shocked and motivated by the findings. 

Demonstrate the value of "real-time" cleaning.  Using ATP, swab up to 12 common touch surfaces at a nursing station, in a staff lounge and in the charting area.  Then, with a hand friendly disposable wipe, clean the surface(s) and re-swab.  The speed, ease and effectiveness of wiping confirm how easy it is to keep surfaces TouchReady™ during a shift.

Equip the nursing station, staff lounges and charting rooms with hand sanitizers and disposable surface wipes to make “clean” easier.  At the same time eliminate reusable cloths, rags & towels from the cleaning regimen.  Research confirms both cotton and microfiber cleaning towels can harbor significant levels of microbial contaminants. 

Monitor Clean.  Establish a cleaning regimen with caregivers and use ATP weekly to monitor common touch surfaces.  Equip each Unit Head with MarX, the UV sensitive stamp, to assess if cleaning has been done mid shift.            

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