Valentine Wishes

"Who Loves You Baby?"
If you remember these oft uttered words of Telly Savalis in his role as Kojak, you’ve seen a lot of Valentine days come and go.  In this Take5 release, we are sending a Valentine to those organizations we love for their commitment to lowering the risk of HAI with best practice products and services.   
Emory University . . . . 
We love Emory for their excellence in isolating human Norovirus and developing a method to test a sanitizer’s ability to kill this pathogen; the leading cause of outbreaks in US hospitals.  What Emory has proven is that not all sanitizers are effective against Norovirus; in fact, most are not.  >more      
Electronic Faucets . . . .
We love the new BASYS faucet.  This is a unique faucet with a monitor that counts down the time of a wash.  The CDC regularly reports the average time of a handwash in hospitals as under 10 seconds.  BASYS allows caregivers to self-monitor the quality of their hand wash.  >more
We love this service for fast, concise and pertinent information on hand hygiene research and practices.  Enroll for their hand hygiene email alert to keep current on news and information.  >more 
Disposables . . . . 
We love all disposables and Kleenex paper towels are a favorite.  With a ridged surface for improved friction, absorbency pockets to capture pathogens and a low propensity to lint, Kleenex has taken paper to a new level of performance.  >more

Innovators . . . . 
We love the people and organizations that are continually pushing for better ways to monitor hand hygiene compliance.  They are advancing the science to lower the risk for HAI and innovating at a record pace.  Watch for the March Take5 special issue featuring our Commit & Comply monitoring matrix of innovators. 

Who Loves You?
Who is providing the love you need for success in better hand & surface hygiene to improve infection prevention?  Let us know.  >more

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