As of April 2, 2019 here's what's new and happening at Play Buddy: 

SPRING GREETINGS, Play Buddians! May the sun be shining and the air fragrant with the scents of the season where you are! Okay, there's a lot to cover so I'm going to hop to it.

As you've undoubtedly noticed waaaaaaaay back in January, both the
Play Buddy App AND every.single.buddy was updated. This annual tradition is probably familiar to most of you, but for those of you who are new to the Play Buddy family, our annual mass update happens every year, ideally in January.  It consists of bug fixes and improvements that are applicable to all of our products. So as the years progress, your helpers become better and better. :-)  

Okay, so for those who are interested in the details, here is the list of what we rolled out with during this year's mass update (WARNING: it's a doozie!):
  • Added custom skins to new Buddies
  • NEW Buddy availability is now indicated with red asterisks on the 'Get More' tab
  • HTML5 game Buddy stats began replacing 'tokens' with 'games won' or other applicable stat 
  • Game list updated to account for games that are no longer on Pogo
  • Fixed PBA bug that would not show Badge notes when Update and Gen notes were present
  • Enlarged text in the PBA notes area and added scroll feature
  • Updated all PBA and Buddy links to secure HTTPS / removed www
  • Forwarded old helpfile 'Instructions' link to new helpfile page
  • Included right-click shortcut to uninstall Buddies directly from the PBA
  • Added new status options in the PBA (i.e. GOTM for 'Game of the Month')
  • Updated referral link
  • Addressed additional blocker windows
  • Updated bug report submission code to reduce/eliminate failure errors
  • Removed old and redundant update system
  • Various back-end developer improvements
  • New Buddy status indicating when game window needs to be engaged
If you have questions or are interested in learning more about any of these tidbits, just email in.  
While we are on the topic about updates and changes... with Pogo's most recent HTML5 game releases - both revamped and brand new - some older operating systems are experiencing some bugs with the games and/or Buddies. Just a reminder that Windows 10 is now (whether we like it or not) a Pogo system requirement and as such, we are in compliance. Sadly this means no more support or bug fixing for Windows Vista, 7, or 8.1.

Now, we can't leave off with that disappointing tidbit, can we? Let's lighten the mood with a GIVEAWAY!  Anyone who wants a FREE Play Buddy T-Shirt gets one! Enter the giveaway here on our website.

Newest Buddies

Two new unique Pogo games and associated Buddies have made their debut recently: Sweet Tooth Town and Daily Sudoku

Also the HD/HTML5 game re-makes of:
Claire Hart Soul Searcher (now Claire Hart Classic) and Trizzle

Coming Soonish

NEW CHECKOUT! It wasn't so long ago our new website went live.  During this upcoming quarter we will be improving our cart and checkout/payment process. Another "minor" mass update will correspond with the change. 

Various HD/HTML5 Buddies - Pogo (new)
Improve existing Buddies - All Gamesites (updates) 
(Bug fixes, improvements, and customer requests)

And, as always, we love to hear your feedback, be it positive, constructive criticism, or somewhere in between so feel free to give us a holler. Tootles until next quarter!

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