As of October 1, 2020 here's what's new and happening at Play Buddy: 

As hot summer days transition to refreshing autumn mornings, I'm reminded that life goes on. I don't know about you, but with so many chaotic pandemic months under my belt, this reminder was a bit comforting.  

So, this newsletter will be short and sweet. Why? Well, aside from a single new game/buddy release, not a lot of 'new' action has been transpiring over at Pogo these past few months. Is this the new normal? Your guess is as good as mine! On the bright side, it has allowed Mark more free time to catch up on bug reports and address some of your new feature requests. Speaking of which...

With so many new and widely varying options being introduced into various Buddies, I've noticed an increase of bug reports where there was not a bug, but a badge or play setting that was turned on (or off) thereby changing the way the Buddy plays. The best way to combat this is to press the 'default' button to reset them. So if it seems your Buddy is playing strangely, or not replaying, check the settings just in case. And of course if it is a bug afterall, just send us in a bug report!  

Newest Buddies

Bejeweled Stars Buddy

Coming Soonish

Minigolf Buddy - Pogo (new)
Dice City Roller Buddy - Pogo (remake)
Pogo Bowl Buddy - Pogo (remake)

Various HD/HTML5 Buddies - Pogo (remakes)
Improve existing Buddies - All Gamesites (updates) 
(Bug fixes, improvements, and customer requests)

In closing, I hope that all is well and good for you and yours, all things considered! And don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance with your Buddies. Until next quarter...

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