As of June 30, 2020 here's what's new and happening at Play Buddy: 

April showers bring May flowers and June ushers in sunshine and summer. Summer Greetings, everybuddy! 

I know is that this has been a rough few months for each and every one of you, in some way, shape, or form. While I don't have the appropriate words to do justice in addressing the world-wide-whirlwinds affecting our lives, I can declare that it's our top priority to keep your Buddies up and running, now more than ever. No matter what you're going through, or when, our hope is that they may provide a comfort, distraction, or simply a bit of help when you need it the most. We are devoted to keeping your Buddies in working order with...

Continual bug fixes (thanks for the bug reports - they truly are addressed, albeit not always as quickly as any of us would like!), new features and improvements - as time permits between mass updates - and mass updates. No, that's not a typo and you're not seeing double, although you may be experiencing a bit of déjà vu with the recent mass updates *once again* addressing Pogo's continue button modifications. Apparently they weren't quite perfect enough and this umpteenth time is the charm. Let's hope - for every Pogo player's sake (and Mark's sanity) - they will refocus any remaining button attention on bringing back our beloved classic games. 

Speaking of which, we are grateful that someone on the Pogo team found time (between important button modifications) to release three new games this quarter. That breaks down to an average of one per month - not too shabby!  Personally I'm particularly pleased with the return of Thousand Island Solitaire, and call me crazy, but I am a fan of Canasta as well. Keep 'em coming! says I, and indeed more are. So let's take a look at the newest and forthcoming:

Newest Buddies

Island Sol Buddy (remake)
Canasta Buddy (remake)
Peggle Blast Buddy

Coming Soonish

Bejeweled Stars Buddy - Pogo (new)
Minigolf Buddy - Pogo (new)

Various HD/HTML5 Buddies - Pogo (remakes)
Improve existing Buddies - All Gamesites (updates) 
(Bug fixes, improvements, and customer requests)

In closing, I'm going to stray a bit from 'the norm'. For any of you who've read the Play Buddy Newsletter for any length of time, you know it is comprised of a bit of this, a bit of that, pertinently informative, sometimes funny, rarely a tad serious, more often exciting than boring, and... apolitical - arguably to a fault. Because who wants to spoil good news of fun and games with a heaping dose of unappetizing reality that bombards us on the TV, radio, internet, and newspapers every day? Definitely NOT us! That is, until now...

Mark and I both want to say - and show for a time via our website logo which links to this educational and proactive site - that:


regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, sexual preference, physical appearance, financial status, religious or political affiliations, we are all HUMAN.

We believe in equality: that EVERY person is deserving of love and happiness.
We absolutely are ALL in this together and kindness and compassion matter!

So in this atypical closing, from our hearts to yours, we wish EVERYBODY as much love, joy, good health, and peace of mind as is possible during these challenging times, and always.  

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