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5 qUESTIONS for Miller boat line
As the island season heats up, we check in with Miller Boat Line's Katrina Reed for her take on making the most out of a trip to Put-in-Bay.



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Name the three most unusual things the ferry has transported.
As one might imagine, being the main artery to the islands lends itself to seeing a wide range of cargo. Albeit mostly visitors, cars, supply trucks and equipment, there are a few things that stick out. During the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial we had the unbelievably unique opportunity to not only transport The Ohio State Marching Band, but ferry them across Lake Erie while they were playing. A little further back we also carried the legendary Budweiser Clydesdales and the Ghostbusters Mobile “Ecto 1.”    

What is the best-kept secret on Put-in-Bay?
There’s more than a few areas on the island that could be considered hidden gems, but one in particular stands out from the rest because not only is it a natural feature, but takes a little work to get to. First you’ll need to rent a kayak from Kayak the Bay on Oak Point, hop in it and paddle across to the north side of Gibraltar Island that houses the Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory. Amidst the small limestone island you’ll end up finding a number of small cliffs, one of which has a hollow center to paddle right through. This particular cliff has been dubbed the “Needle’s Eye,” and is one of Ohio’s rare viewable natural arches. 

How many ferry rides has Miller made over the years?
Miller Ferry was founded in 1905 and since then has grown to be the most frequently traveled and largest ferry service on Lake Erie. This year marks our 110th Anniversary. That is a lot of ferry rides … too many to count!

What’s the most unusual or odd event on the island? 
While you certainly have to consider the Bartender Olympics, perhaps the less publicized and equally as fun Island Garage Sale is the island’s most unusual event. When do you see an entire community cleaning out their barns, garages and closets to offer whatever they find, up for sale? It’s an extremely unique day that happens from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 16 and is perfect for meeting some of the island’s characters while experiencing genuine island culture.

Why take Miller to Put-in-Bay?
Miller Ferry is the least expensive way to travel to the islands. Adults are $7 one way ​to Put-in-Bay ​and children 5 and under are free. To make things convenient, there is no need for reservations when traveling to Put-in-Bay. ​On Catawba, you will find five free parking lots. We are the only vehicle transportation to and from Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island. In summer, we have ferries every half hour. Not to mention, the scenic and relaxing 18-minute Lake Erie ferry ride.​ 



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