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Leadership Newsletter #141

2021 – A Year of Love and Kindness

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Well, it’s been a year to remember. Back in March 2020 when we got the message that we were all going into lockdown how many of us would have thought we would still be here? As we step into 2021 I wanted to share with you my own personal thoughts about my time at home and my hopes for the coming year.

As a coach I work on my own development a lot and my study group met recently to reflect on our learning and our experiences of the Covid impact. It is ironic that 2020 represents perfect vision and for me 2020 gave me perfect vision to see what is really important to me. Family friends, the personal contact and relationships we have with people in our lives are the things that I have missed but at the same time have got me through some dark days. I don’t know about you, but the roller coaster continues for me. Some days I feel on top of the world and then others I struggle to get out from under the duvet.

On the good days I have been productive at work and at home sorting out the life laundry and clearing the spare room of the junk that was regularly dumped. This has become my ‘woman cave’ or to put it more kindly my retreat. A space I can call my own for work, for quiet time to think and read and be creative. It also doubled as a fairy grotto for the wrapped Christmas presents ready to be delivered! On the down days I just accept it for what it is, make a list of the things I must do and leave the rest to tomorrow. I’ve literally learned to be kind to myself.

Working with many NHS clients I see and hear every day about the impact of the surge in Covid cases. Many staff are very tired and some on the edge of illness because they push themselves on – such is their dedication to do the best for patients and the people we serve. More than ever, we need to recognise how important it is to look after ourselves so I hope that many of you will be able to take a much needed break from the relentless need for your care and compassion. None of us can keep giving from an empty vessel and hearing that there are nearly 50,000 NHS staff off sick at present just means that those that remain have to keep giving just a bit more.

The need to build personal resilience has never been greater than now. Whether you are on the frontline or just working from home it is likely that you will be missing the contact of loved ones and colleagues. The office banter, the kitchen gossip it all contributes to helping us get through the working day. We are social beings and right now many of us can’t hug those we hold dear. Reminding ourselves on a daily basis to just get through today is all we can do.

We have for current clients delivered some short online sessions to support health and wellbeing and to build personal resilience. Just taking an hour or so out of your work routine is enough to connect with people and to share your experiences and personal tips on how you cope with this world we find ourselves in. Do contact us if you or your team would benefit from a little downtime from the laptop or the frenetic frontline if you are a key worker.

Try and find some peace and joy in the small things – a walk in the park or an extra cuddle with the kids - it all adds up. Keep topping up that beautiful vessel that is you with as much love and kindness as you can. Sent with love from me

Dawn Scott, Healthskills
20 Jan 2021

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