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Week 29
21st July 2021

Africa's finest rainforest discoveries 

As travel resumes, are you and your clients seeking to experience well-known locations around the globe; or the the most undisturbed corners of Africa? 

Imagine being one of the pioneering few to breathe the freshest air on our planet, walk amongst the tallest trees in Africa, and gaze in wonder at a family of gorillas. Imagine being one of only 12 guests in a wilderness the size of the Serengeti (9x greater than the Maasai Mara).

After an 18-month pause, CONGO CONSERVATION COMPANY will be reopening on the 2nd of September. Here your imagination becomes a reality as Africa's finest rainforest discoveries, Odzala Discovery Camps and Sangha Lodge, are once again welcoming travellers. 

And finally this is no longer 'darkest' Africa. Thanks to the UK traffic light system, Republic of Congo is AMBER. And for UK citizens who have been fully vaccinated, it is a GREEN destination. So no quarantine-on-return required.
Congo Basin Waterways


The current flight options for arriving into and departing out of Brazzaville.

Airlines are continuing to update their routes and timings each month, so this list is subject to change.  But this is the current list of ways to fly to Brazzaville:

AirFrance ex Paris
  • AF756      Arrival into Brazzaville @ 17:10; departure from Brazzaville @ 18:40
  • Operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
  • AF722      Arrival into Brazzaville @ 19:40; departure from Brazzaville @ 22:10
  • Operates Tuesday and Thursday
Rwanda Air ex Kigali
  • WB210     Arrival into Brazzaville @ 11:00; departure from Brazzaville @ 18:00
  • Operates Monday, Friday and Sunday
Ethiopian Airlines ex Addis Ababa
  • ET861     Arrival into Brazzaville @ 11:10; departure from Brazzaville @ 09:20
  • Operates Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Best arrival days in Brazzaville are Sunday and Wednesday. These connect with the scheduled charter flights to Odzala. We will continue to monitor these flights as well as others as more and more flights return to the destination. 

Scheduled Charter: Brazzaville to Odzala
  • Twice weekly scheduled charter flights, 2 hours each way
  • Operates on Monday and Thursday 
  • Operated and managed by Congo Conservation Company
  • Guests require an overnight stay in Brazzaville before flying to Odzala as an additional PCR test will be administered before guests can depart to the camps


Our full PCR testing protocols keep everyone, including the gorillas, safe.
Congo Conservation Company put conservation before commerce and with the reopening their Covid protocols are in place to protect their staff, the local communities and the wild gorillas. This way each guest visiting the rainforest only leaves a positive impact and takes away exceptional memories.   

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS (click HERE for the full list of procedures)
Currently in place for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travellers
  • A negative PCR test is required 72 hours prior to arrival into Brazzaville. 
  • Upon arrival in Brazzaville, an additional PCR test will be administered before guests can move on to the camps.  This requires an overnight stay in Brazzaville.
  • Before the first gorilla track, another PCR test will be required.  This will be performed at Ngaga Camp. 
  • Prior to moving on to each camp, a rapid antigen test may be required depending on movements and engagement. 
  • For those carrying on to Sangha Lodge, a rapid antigen test is required prior to heading to camp. 
  • Anyone needing a negative PCR test to return home will take the test back in Brazzaville prior to flying.  This requires an overnight stay in Brazzaville.
PCR tests administered in Brazzaville or Ngaga Camp cost US$ 55 per person.  Rapid antigen tests administered in camp cost US$ 15 per person.

General COVID protocols of hand sanitizing and social distancing remain in practice across the duration of a trip.  All staff will wear masks at all times, but guests have the choice to remove theirs while in camp.  Masks will however remain mandatory while in Brazzaville, as well as while on gorilla tracks, as has always been the case. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Contact Reservations



  • Accommodation rates US$ 945 per person per night across the Odzala Camps and Sangha Lodge.
  • Gorilla permits US$ 600 per person. 
  • Book the 7-night Odzala Discovery, stay before 28th December'21 and receive one complimentary gorilla track.
  • With a group booking of 6-8 people, save an additional 20% off the accommodation.
  • Accommodation rates US$ 1 135 per person per night across Odzala Discovery Camps and Sangha Lodge.
  • Gorilla permits increased to US$ 750 per person. 
  • 4, 7, 10 and 11 night Discoveries offer a fully inclusive rate (starts and ends in Brazzaville) for a complete rainforest experience.


South Africa & Mozambique : Travelling NOW?

DATE: Thursday 22nd July
14:00 UK | 15:00 EU & Southern Africa | 17:00 East Africa
Join Chris Mears, ATTA & Suzanne Bayly-Coupe, Classic Portfolio for a webinar to explore travelling in South Africa and Mozambique at the moment.

We will cover:
  • Travelling in SA during Lockdown Level 4
  • Preparation for travel to Mozambique from Kruger
  • Covid Testing - what to watch out for
  • Tips on preparation
  • What is it like on the ground at safari lodges in South Africa and beach experiences in Mozambique
Suzanne shares insights following her recent travels on safari in South Africa and to Mozambique in conversation with ATTA CEO, Chris Mears
Warmest regards

Suzanne Bayly
OWNER, Classic Portfolio

For an overview of our Members (51 camps, lodges and hotels) across 10 African countries link onto our website:

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