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Week 16
21st April 2021

A natural solution for a human problem

Due to our modern lifestyle, researchers estimate that humans spend up to 90% of their lives indoors. This disconnection from nature has severe negative impacts not only on humans who are missing out on the beneficial effects of nature, but also on our environment. Quite simply, when we are less connected to nature we feel less responsibility to protect it. And here we thought COVID was our greatest problem!


Nature connectedness* is the extent to which individuals include nature as part of their identity. It includes an understanding of nature and everything it is made up of, even the parts that are not pleasing. If an individual feels connected to nature (by spending time in it), they will be more inclined to care about nature, and protect the environment.


Since their launch in September 2020, Marataba Conservation Camps have been committed to offering purposeful safaris and a deeper connection with our natural world. Underpinned by their mission to preserve bio-diversity, Founders Camp and Explorers Camp, together with the newly launched Star Camp provide active participation through sustainable, flexible and fun experiences for friends and families alike.   

South Africa, 3 hours drive north of Johannesburg
ACCESS: Road transfers from ORT / Lanseria Airports, charter fixed-wing flight or scenic helicopter 
Image of Marataba Conservation Camps - Star Camp

[LAUNCHING] Marataba Star Camp

Disconnect from 90% of your life, and reconnect with nature.

Marataba Star Camp is the latest addition to the connected experiences at Marataba Conservation Camps. This camp is set-up on demand and only bookable on a surcharge basis with a minimum 3-night stay at either Founders Camp (4 rooms, exclusive use) or Explorers Camp (6 rooms, semi-exclusive use).

Exclusivity ensures maximum flexibility for the team to craft a stay suited to the guest's individual needs. With a focus on exploring by foot, Marataba Star Camp is designed to get guests out of their comfort zone and indulge in the raw power of the natural world. This is the ultimate luxury!

Group Surcharge: R10 000 (first night set-up), R5 000 (per additional night)
4 tents for a maximum of 8 guests | 12+ ages welcome
2 private guides, dedicated 4x4 game vehicle and of course fully catered 
Valid 1 March - 31 October 


[GET INVOLVED] Active conservation participation

Become a rhino conservation hero through assisting with ear-notching, collaring, and taking DNA samples. 

At Marataba Conservation Camps guests have the opportunity to get involved with the ongoing conservations efforts taking place in the reserve. Bookable with a minimum 3-night stay at either Founders Camp or Explorers Camp, guests paying the Rhino Conservation Safari surcharge make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the species. They also become a conservation hero through assisting the conservation team with the darting and notching of the rhino, putting on a foot collar, as well as gathering DNA samples, allowing for future monitoring of the animal. 

Conservation Surcharge: R 52 000 per group
Max 10 people | All ages welcome
Valid 1 February - 31 October 

[RATES] 2021 & 2022

Latest Marataba Conservation Camps rates released today 

Updated 2021 rates, and the newly released 2022 rates are ready for download.
Contact reservations for your Nett rates: 


4th May, 4:30pm ZA time

We resume our destination-focused discussions, this time on South Africa.

What's new for you to sell.
How best to sell it.
How to craft Conscious Journeys.

Suzanne will be chatting to an expert panel of 3: a traveller, an agent and a lodge owner, as we discuss the tourism landscape in South Africa with a focus on the Classic Portfolio members.

Tanda Tula * Kwandwe Private Game Reserve
La Cle des Montagnes * Marataba Conservation Camps

We have space across our Portfolio for the 2021 safari season.
Do not hesitate to contact us at any stage if we can assist with some last minute safari planning and do not forget to check our live online availability portal:
Warmest regards

Suzanne Bayly
OWNER, Classic Portfolio

* Nature Connectedness - got to love Wikapedia!
I urge you to read the full explanation.
For an overview of our Members (51 camps, lodges and hotels) across 10 African countries link onto our website:

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