Hot d@mn! It's summer in the city! In which we celebrate July's food, festivals, and fundraisers. This week's newsletter is brought to you by the letter "F."
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In the summer,
in the city:

Pecan pie and peach ice cream!
Baked beans and blueberries!
Weezer and Wilco! 

It's already July. Where did June go, and why is the summer apparently speeding by so quickly?

We were feeling a little melancholy about already being 1/3 of the way through summer... but then we remembered how we've got so many awesome things coming up, during the rest of July and beyond.

First, (and for us, foremost), July boasts a great collection of delicious food holidays (the complete list here). Here are just a few you'll want to celebrate with us.

July’s Month-long food holidays:

National Baked Bean Month
National Bison Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Grilling Month
National Hot Dog Month (topped with black bean espresso chili and onions, yum)
National Ice Cream Month
National July Belongs to Blueberries Month

This one may be our favorite: Sundae Sunday on the third Sunday of July. Never mind that there’s also a National Sunday Day on November 11; ice cream sundaes are well worth celebrating at least twice.

One-day food holidays:

July 9: National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10: Pick Blueberries Day
July 10: National Piña Colada Day (just skip the whole dumb "gettin' caught in the rain" thing)
July 11: National Blueberry Muffin Day (we’re going to substitute Robert Frost’s Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake)
July 11: National Mojito Day (made with homemade Peppermint Syrup)
July 12: National Pecan Pie Day
July 13: National French Fries Day
July 14: Bastille Day (Allons, enfants de la patrie! Le jour de gloire est arrivée!)
July 14: Macaroni Day (White Truffle Macaroni and Cheese)
July 15: National Gummy Worm Day
July 16: National Corn Fritters Day
July 17: National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 19: National Daiquiri Day
July 20: National Lollipop Day
July 20: National Ice Cream Soda Day
July 21: National Ice Cream Day
July 21: National Junk Food Day
July 23: National Hot Dog Day
July 23: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 24: National Tequila Day
July 25: National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 26: National Coffee Milkshake Day
July 27: National Crème Brûlée Day (your choice: Chocolate-Ancho Creme Brulee, or White Pepper Creme Brulee)
July 27: National Scotch Day
July 28: National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29: Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day (go get something fancy from The Cheese Shop, like Reichert’s Dairy-Air Robiola di Mia Nonna)
July 29: National Lasagna Day
July 30: National Cheesecake Day
July 31: National Raspberry Cake Day
July 31: Cotton Candy Day
July 31: Jump for Jelly Beans Day

The "most wonderful time of the year?" And if you get tired of all the food holidays (but, really, why on earth would you?), Des Moines has all sorts of fantastic festivals and farmers' markets and fundraisers (and other things that don't even start with the letter "F") going on nearly every day.

This Saturday alone, you can hit the Downtown Farmers' Market on Saturday morning, then stop by AllSpice in the afternoon for the seasonings to go with your market purchases (plus, try our Saturday Samples), before you attend the fundraiser for the Iowa State Fair, the 2015 Corndog Kickoff,* in the evening!

Friday and Saturday, you can dress like Buddy Holly (or not) at the 80-35 Music Festival in the Western Gateway, and jam out to everything from oldie-but-goodies Weezer (right) and Wilco, to newer favorites like Run the Jewels and St Lucia. Check out performances by local favorites like Annalibera and The Maytags, too.
*AllSpice will be at the Corndog Kickoff, too, and we've got a fun gift basket and mini-grill in the Corndog Kickoff's silent auction!
Saturday Sampler

Salty, Sweet, or Spicy?

This Saturday, the answer is "Yes!" We'll be sampling Brown Butter Salted Caramel Cookies (browned butter sugar cookies with a caramel hiding inside, plus Sea Salt, wow) and easy-to-make Spicy Pretzels (tossed with garlic, dill, onion, cayenne and a little olive oil, yum).

Stop in and indulge all your snack cravings this Saturday, July 11, 10 am - 5 pm!

Got bountiful basil?

Make basil compound butter! Make good use of all that fresh basil from the garden or the Farmers' Market, and make the Recipe of the Week, Basil Butter Garlic Bread.

Blend butter and fresh herbs with garlic, spices, and a little olive oil and Parmesan to make the best garlic bread, ever!
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