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2012 D-Lab Fellow Kevin Cedrone and the Augmented Infant Resuscitator team recently won $30K at the Boston Children’s Hospital Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards (see link below).

International Development Innovation Network
Bernard Kiwia: Tanzania's bicycle mechanic turned inventor
BBC - Dec 18, 2015

Off-Grid Energy Group
D-Lab Off-Grid Energy Group launches Solar Lighting Product Comparison Resource
MIT News - Dec 11, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship
COP21 Hub Culture Paris 2015 Interview with Bilikiss Adebiyil Abiola - Wecyclers
Hub Culture - Dec 10, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship/IDIN
Clean cooking fuel for Uganda
Design Indaba - Dec 6, 2015

D-Lab, Amy Smith
Closing the Digital Divide: How one Pakistani woman is tackling poverty with technology
Acumen - Dec 4, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship
PotaVida Awarded $150K Grant for Pilot Test in Somalia
PotaVida - Nov 30, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship
Innovation Tank: And the winner is … AIR
Vector, Boston Children's Hospital â€” Nov 10, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship/IDIN
D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellow Carl Jensen chosen for Mulago Foundation Fellowship
Mulago Foundation — Oct 20, 2015

D-Lab/Amy Smith
Amy Smith to deliver Jessie and John Danzer Lecture at the University of Washington
University of Washington

Scale-Ups Fellowship
Up Close and Personal with True African Gem, Bilikiss Adebiyi Abiola
Edufrica — Oct 13, 2015

D-Lab/Amy Smith
Why Malta needs futurists
Times of Malta — Oct 8, 2015

MIT-USAID program releases evaluation of water filters
MIT News — Oct 6, 2015

Scale-Ups Fellowship
Danielle Zurovcik: The world should be mad at me if I don’t pursue this.
MIT Slice — Oct 6, 2015

D-Lab Spring 2016 Courses


- Matt McCambridge

- Ariel Phillips, Eric Reynolds

- Jessica Huang, Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar

- Amy Gandhi, Libby Hsu

- Susan Murcott

- Susan Murcott

- Amy Smith, Martha Thompson

International Development Innovation Network Summits 2016

International Development Design Summits (IDDS) are hands-on design experiences that bring together people from all walks of life to create low-cost, practical innovations to improve the lives of people living in poverty.

IDDS Lahore
Jan 8- Jan 22, 2016
Lahore, Pakistan    

IDDS Botswana
Jun 25- Jul 23, 2016
D'Kar, Botswana    

IDDS Amazon
Jul 4- Jul 17, 2016
Para, Brazil

IDDS Cookstoves
Aug 1- Aug 19, 2016
Kampala, Uganda


Header Images (l-r):

1) Woman collecting water, India. Image from a field trip to advance the CITE evaluation on household water filters in Ahmedabad, India.

2) PIA Co-Design Summit - Ghana 2015. Pictured is the "Tools, Training, and Linkages for Groundnut Farmers" team.

3) D-Lab Scale-Ups fellow Elliot Avila working on the mechanized multicrop thresher in Tanzania.


Addressing economic & social challenges 
through co-creation

D-Lab has a 13-year history inspiring students, workshop participants, and community partners through co-design. This fall, D-Lab brought together 30 people from global companies, international NGOs, social ventures, and community members for the first MIT Practical Impact Alliance Co-Design Summit. Participants co-created solutions for economic and social challenges in New Longoro, Ghana and left the summit energized by the experience—many reported a personal transformation in their approach to co-design and multi-stakeholder engagement. Read below for more on the summit, our ongoing student engagement and research, news from CITE and IDIN and much more!
                       - Saida Benhayoune
                         Program Director, D-Lab Scale-Ups

Practical Impact Alliance

Learning to talk trash in New Longoro: PIA Co-Design Summit - Ghana 2015

In his latest blog, Winthrop Carty, executive director of the Melton Foundation and a member of the  MIT Practical Impact Alliance (PIA), writes about his experience at the PIA Co-Design Summit in GhanaHe writes, "In tackling entrenched problems linked to poverty in developing countries, co-design breaks the traditional mold of international development organizations providing aid or 'innovating solutions' for poor communities to, instead, co-creating solutions with communities" Read full blog!

Join the Practical Impact Alliance!

Join PIA to be a part of this network of leaders working across industries and geographies on market-driven solutions to poverty. For more information download the PIA Membership Guidelines. Our 2015 members include leading multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and social ventures. Read PIA 2015 At-a-Glance for a review of all the year's activities. PIA gives its members the tools to become powerful agents of change!

D-Lab Research

D-Lab Off-Grid Energy Group launches online Solar Lighting Product Comparison resource

D-Lab's Off-Grid Energy Group has launched an online Solar Lighting Product Comparison to facilitate better purchasing decisions in the developing world. The database includes 55 solar lanterns and information on more than 100 distributors operating in 47 countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceana to help determine which products are available and where they can be purchased. Read MIT News article.

D-Lab Mobile Technology Group: Two years addressing human needs with mobile phones

As mobile phones have become an increasingly important part of people’s lives in developing countries, Rich Fletcher launched the Mobile Technology Group nearly two years ago at D-Lab to help apply this technology to address important human needs, such as health, agriculture, and education. Read Rich's reflections on the past and current work of the Mobile Technology Group.

Scale-Ups Fellows

Tanzania: Field Notes from D-Lab Scale-Ups fellow Elliot Evila on the Multicrop Thresher

D-Lab Scale-Ups fellow Elliot Avila and his team are developing an engine-powered Multicrop Thresher that eliminates the need for toilsome labor and greatly decreases the time required to thresh—all at a price that is a fraction of the cost of other modern threshing machinery on the market. Read Elliot's blog to learn more about how he engages with farmers in Tanzania to learn more about their needs!

PotaVida, a 2012 Scale-Ups Fellowship venture, awarded $150K to test and scale Smart Solar Purifier

PotaVida was selected by the Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) for a $150,000 grant to test at scale their innovative Smart Solar Purifier, a product that provides clean water in disaster relief contexts while automatically tracking usage. PotaVida is partnering with World Concern, a global relief and development agency, to distribute and test 750 Smart Solar Purifiers in Somalia. Read full release!

Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation

CITE releases water filter evaluation!

Longtime D-Lab instructor (D-Lab: WASH & Env) and water and sanitation expert Susan Murcott led CITE’s evaluation on household water filters in Ahmedabad, India. The water filter project assessed over 100 different water filter models in a complex, urban market. The results have been released and can be found here. You can also review the findings at a glance!

International Development Innovation Network (IDIN)

Maker spaces for social good: What IDIN is learning working with community innovation centers around the globe

Over the past few years, IDIN has provided support to a growing network of community innovation centers around the globe. Today, IDIN supports 12 innovation centers in eleven different countries ranging from Brazil to Kenya, and Nepal to Uganda. IDIN’s Lauren McKown caught up with IDIN’s new Innovation Center Coordinator Molly Rubenstein and MIT D-Lab Associate Director Kofi Taha to learn more about this exploratory approach and what they’re learning. Read the full blog!

Rise Legs: Using local knowledge & materials to bring a low-cost, quality prosthetic to India

IDIN Network member Arun Cherian wanted to create an affordable prosthetic leg that would "allow people to run, play, and dance.” Today, Arun is working hard to turn that idea into a new social venture: Rise Legs. This semester, a team of students in D-Lab’s Design for Scale class worked closely with Arun to think through how Rise Legs, which are described as "artisanal prosthetics," can be produced at scale. Read more about Arun and Rise Legs!

D-Lab Student Engagement

Congratulations to the three winners of D-Lab Underclassmen Giving Campaign Fieldwork Grants!

Three D-Lab students received funding for fieldwork over the Independent Activities Period in January. 1st Place: Creating a More Comfortable Transtibial Prosthetic Socket, Kijabe, Kenya—Katelyn Sweeney ’18 (pictured left); 2nd Place: Peer-to-Peer Electricity Distribution Through Solar-Powered Microgrids, Jamshedpur area, India—McCall Huston ’16; 3rd Place: Wheelchair Design and Manufacturing for Underserved Communities, Indonesia—Julia Rue ’18. Thanks to the more than 800 underclassmen donors and to Rishi Kumar ’02 who matched their contributions! Read more on all three projects!

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